- A Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprint -


a white heartreuse

the cut lilacs sit so lovely

in their perfume

by the grand and shadow

I remember you

but there are no more tears

to cry

though not used to wearing roses

tressle fish and sunlight

eeks across the page

some beautiful raindog

lif’ mo’ cathedral

and penny lane

sing the night

the dark of funeral songs

cast upon smooth stones,

and water




into sunlight.

the close of Summer

butterfly wings shake down

from the trees

in bone and taskit

day brick

ta donto

bone graphic


the healing grace

the vagaries of perpendicular hang gliders

a horse minister

whispers, coole foufa

dic brava.

de Hamblyn court

sugar loughner

by the state of blue

no no no de Milo

Santa Santa Domingo

so see, so saw

blunt to daybreak

and draw.

(the butterfly moth

whispers into the room

the dark


the queen’s slippers

whipping out the barrel lace

some lost thought

as if a loss of purpose

my blunted affect

I looked away

could not watch the window

the night soul

the last of flowers.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry


© 2014