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Table of Contents

Written in Montreal, 2006 – 2010.

I. Stories from the Blue Islands: by the lilacs of August

II. Winter Crossings

III. Radio Storms

IV. The Capricorn Sky

V. The Song of Longtime Summer

I. Stories from the Blue Islands: by the lilacs of August

By the lilacs of August

As if I could taste

on the wind

the lilacs of August

full with sun

and sleeping twilight

I remember

the quiet of warm

against Summer

the rocking of the wind.

Caught in the shadows of night

the bird that sleeps

so quiet

the blue velvet portmanteau,

against white skin.

The sun and the moon

In the fields

where the poppies blow

I could smell the Summer

as if waiting on the rain

warm against sun

into evening

into night

like trying to steal flowers

from the moon

against the night hold,

the sky.

The Fields of Summer

We walk through the rain

and warm sky

through the fields of Summer

as wild lions

ride on the backs of giant horses

(we give them roses)

tied our hair back, laughing

smoothed our gowns

in the soft of rain

soft of blue

we walk through the fields of Summer.




through the dust

some lost treasure

a memory.

In the room

is a glass box

a seed, a feather, a stone

silent spaces without names.

Sleeping with silence

watching the day

sitting in train stations.

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