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Subterranean Blue Poetry Presents! Paris Blue by Rebecca Anne Banks.

"Paris Blue is an art nouveau event, written in English and French, a New Age Renaissance Republic of Poetry work by Rebecca Anne Banks, inspired by the Muse and The Other Paris, a book by Luc Sante. A well researched book of Old Paris, the history and stories of the people and architecture as portrayed by the leading lights, the artists and people of letters of the times. Paris Blue celebrates quotes and observations by Francis Carco (Poet, Novelist, Dramatist, Art Critic), Henri Lecouturier (Philosopher, Lawyer, Republican, Social Activist), Victor Hugo (Poet, Novelist), Honoré de Balzac (Novelist, Playwright, Essayist, Literary Critic), Jean-Paul Clebért (Author), Richard Harding Davis (Journalist, Author), Théophile Steinlein (Artist), Guy Debord (Philosopher, Filmmaker) amongst others. About the hidden Paris, the street people (clochards), the street musicians, artists, thieves, pick pockets, beggars (mendiants), street-walkers (marcheurs de rue), in the haunts and Old Markets of the 1800’s before the city was gentrified in the mid-20th Century. About the architecture, the underground passages, catacombs, sewers, antechambers, cafés and bistros, the nightlife, the Old Paris is dressed in her finest blue velvet and brought out into the twilight to dance. The Poet spins off this presentation into surrealist spaces of experience and mythos, as if tasting the Old Paris in the present day, a fine wine. A brilliant write.”

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