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This is a New Age book on discernment in love and marriage by Rebecca Anne Banks.

These writings are based on World Peace Newsletters from Tea at Tympani Lane records and have been expanded. We live in a highly conflicted time of violence and change. This book is a guide to modern romance, the cultural/political/ Spirit rules of love. Ideally, according to the Holy Spirit, we were meant to be married to our Starcrossed Lover on a Sign from God, by the age of 18 years old, to last until death do us part. This marriage bond to your Starcrossed or most suited Lover creates peace in the Community and peace in the world. What happened to love in the morphing from the Agricultural Society to the Industrial Society to the Computerized Society? As the ideal building block of peace in the Community happy covenant marriages could heal this Society with happier families, better raised children, stronger communities, less violence, less suicide, less murder, less mental patients, less drug addicts and alcoholics, less street people, less prison house people and relieve pressure on the health and welfare system. This book is also a practical guide to finding the perfect lover. Love in happy covenant marriages, a dance with life as the Spirit intended.

On Love and Marriage in the New Age:

Relationship Discernment Advice from the Oracle

@ Tea at Tympani Lane Records


Rebecca Anne Banks

Tea at Tympani Lane Records

© 2013

To the Muse

“And she let’s the river answer

That she’s always been your lover”

- from Suzanne by Leonard Cohen

“everything big machine.

everyone have a plan . . .

they piling the birds in the cages.

an offering to the sky.”

The institution of marriage is the cornerstone of Community. Sex is the greatest act of love and bonding, it builds trust and unity, reinforces the two people in a Spirit bond. If the bond breaks it is like lightening has struck a tree (if you’ve ever walked through the woods and witnessed the after effects of this, you will understand the violence). In a happy marriage covenant love and sex create personal peace and freedom as well as peace in the Community and the world, sex out of context creates violence and war. My writings on love and marriage are based on my personal experience, my discovery of the Old Wisdom of Agricultural Society in Quebec, observations of love relationships in 9 years of Deep Process work, psychic impressions, self-directed readings in psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, culture and self-help, and a B.A. in Psychology. This book is based on World Peace Newsletters from Tea at Tympani Lane Records and has been expanded.

During the agricultural economy, the past 14,000 years until the late 1800’s, marriage was the basis of family providing children to work on the farm. Living in largely agricultural communities people would meet at Solstices and Equinoxes and other celebrations, in villages and towns and this was where the children would meet children of their age and perhaps find their Starcrossed Lover. Elite marriages and all marriages were arranged by families until the 18th century. Exceptions include, during the Renaissance in Italy and the Gandharva marriages during the Vedic time of India. In China and Russia all marriages were arranged until the 20th century.* Depending on the personalities involved and the cultural custom of the time, the prospective marriage partners may or may not have had a say in who they married. There is the famous case of St. Catherine de Siena who became a nun in the church rather than marry who her family wanted, an unsuitable arranged marriage. In the 1500’s some Royal marriages were arranged by sending a portrait of the prospective marriage partner to the King and this is what he would use to decide if they were suitable (e.g. Anne of Cleves of Germany painted by Hans Holbein for King Henry VIII of England). In the time of the Old Agricultural Society everything is at a distance, it is not easy to travel long distances, usually by horse and carriage or by ship, taking great time and expense, taking days or months, not like train/bus/plane trips of today of a few hours.

With the advent of Industrialization, there were inventions that greatly changed the shape of daily life. Nutrition improved, there was the invention of birth control and the manufacturing economy took hold causing people to move off the land and into cities. The population ballooned. Because of the manufacturing economy, daily life became became compartmentalized as people worked shiftwork, it was the dawn of everyman, as traditional monarchies were replaced by constitutional governments. With the move off the land, the Old Wisdom of guilds and the Holy Spirit may have been lost or circumvented and because of the ballooning population people may have fell through the cracks more, I suspect people were marrying their Starcrossed Lovers less as they became faced with differing values of an out of control patriarchy and an out of control cursehold cultural system perhaps augmented by geopolitics. An over-constructed society, with hidden agendas, politics and elite face card security paradigms all foment to keep people away from their Starcrossed Lover. I suspect people were meeting their Starcrossed Lover at public school, in the workplace and in social spaces. The twentieth century was fraught with war, as competing resources, inventions and ideas created a world of violence and suffering. In abeyance to the machine, the more people died the more resources were freed up for others.

Less than 100 years after the invention of the manufacturing economy, the invention of the computer, the Computerized Economy had once again morphed the face of everyday life, streamlining systems and manifesting less work. This is an incredible change that is a total revolution of all aspects of the society. With half the employable population in part-time work or unemployed, people have more time on their hands and less disposable income. People I suspect are meeting their Starcrossed Lover in public school, universities, in the workplace and social spaces. However, there has been a reintroduction of Holy Spirit and karmic knowledge as well as cultural/political knowledge all helping people have a better understanding of themselves and their priorities. Happy covenant marriages are the cornerstone of a peaceful society. When the majority of the population is happily married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover in covenant and karmically pure I suspect there is less violence, less mental patients, less alcohol and drug addicts, less people in prison, less obesity and health problems, less pedophiles, less queers, less celibate people, less people on welfare, less street people, less debt, less war. In the computerized economy, with less disposable income and more time on their hands it is crucial that people be in happy covenant marriages. Happy covenant marriages give people reduced costs and shared incomes, give them a reason to be home and not be enmeshed in violence. With the manufacture of low cost birth control and happy marriages according to your calling from the Holy Spirit, life in the New Economy becomes livable. People should have a calling to have children, as with anything important and should probably only have as many children as they can afford. Happy marriages in covenant are the flower of peace, happiness and wellness for a Community, the basic unit that creates well socialized and happy children, continuing the Community into the next generation. All God asks of us in our time on earth is to not hurt each other, to marry your Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover and follow your calling for work. Love is one of the major priorities in life, the most important thing is to be in a happy covenant marriage so that you can be whole and sane. If God had wanted any other way he would not have sent a Starcrossed Lover so we could dance in health and happiness in our time on earth. Love is essential, like food and shelter and the air we breathe. This book is a guideline on Love and Marriage, how to explore dating someone to determine suitability for marriage, how to discern a good settle in marriage if for some reason you can’t marry your Starcrossed Lover and how to heal if a love affair ends.

My theory is people have essence problems in marriage and this is one of the reasons the relationship may break, the people involved in the love affair are not suited enough to sustain the relationship. Whole happily mentored marriages with a Sign from God create love as peace. Broken intimate relationships cause love as war, it is sex/love out of context and this creates violence. Love in the modern world can be an unhappy botched affair, there may be many competing interests, it is important to be well discerned and mentored in the culture and the Spirit rules so you can discern a happy love life. The entire Western Economy is based on the suffering of people who have had broken love lives, those in serial sexual relationships, prostitution, unhappy marriages and/or celibacy. Broken love lives lead to karmic impurity and the violation of the Holy Spirit when a lover leaves creates anger and depression, an emotional violence that could lead to addictions, mental patients, street violence, domestic violence, street people, prison house people, unemployment, debt and war. Suffering in love lives can create economic drivers, people who go into a survival mode, creating ideas for businesses. Any monies that is generated by the abuse of innocent people and the ending of covenant relationships is reflected back on the Society as karmic dissonance, so the monies created are also lost manifesting debt and a negative emotional landscape. Happy covenant love lives, people being married to their Starcrossed Lover at 16 – 18 years old is the way of the Holy Spirit. The white cursehold America/geopolitics should never fall into anything more than a slight of public opinion. Without crossing swords or having to adhere to hidden agendas and elite face card security paradigms, we are free. In happy covenant marriages to a Starcrossed Lover the world morphs into a more holistic, peaceful and strong Community with enough for everyone. The War Economy is dead. Peace and love in the New Age.


Rebecca (2013)

Table of Contents

I. The Way of the Spirit

II. Women as Victims of the Violent Western Culture: what happens when cultural rules are violated

III. How to Have a Great Love Affair

IV. How to Discern the Perfect Marriage

V. Hidden Agendas

VI. The Politics of Love

VII. Martyrs to the Economy: suicide and cursing

VIII. Rape in Western Culture/Geopolitics

IX. Gays and the Gay Community

X. The Cure for Depression: when a lover leaves or when you’ve had too many lovers

XI. St. Valentine’s Day Revisited: a summary

The Way of the Spirit

"For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life."
- William Blake (Poet/Artist)

"There are no aethiests in fox holes."
- Collective Wisdom

"By confronting us with irreducible mysteries that stretch our daily vision to include infinity, nature opens an inviting and guiding path towards a spiritual life."
- Thomas More (Philosopher, Author, Lawyer, Statesman, Humanist)

“Everything you say and do comes back to you karmically, thrice x's thrice.”
- Old Wiccan Proverb

“Whatever is wrong, the Holy Spirit will set right.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“There are Spirit rules or rules of Karma. There is a karmic balancing for justice and karmic redemption. Signs from God are subtle in visualizations and empathic occurrences.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“I suspect Spirit Rules or Signs from God are not to be described verbally or you could lose your grace, like naming God (something sacred).”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on The Way of the Spirit (the religious mysteries or the spiritual rules) . . . This Spiritual knowledge is essential to your well-being and the key to survival in any Community, promoting personal peace and peace in the world. Signs from God exist for everyone, helping keep people karmically pure and in the most happy covenant marriage. They also will tell the truth about any situation.

A response to Existentialism and Nihilism.

In these philosophies, emphasis is on the personal journey and discovery of God and his karmic mysteries by each individual.

Signs from God, the Spiritual Mysteries and the Karmic balancing of justice in the world exists. Rather than each individual stumbling upon this knowledge himself, usually after great tragedy and suffering, why not present a teaching guideline of Karmic Principal? If no one instructs you in the Ways of the Spirit how are you to know? particularly when such foreknowledge could help you create a covenant marriage on Signs from God (giving great peace personally, to the Community, to families, to countries and peace to the world). Also, Signs from God tell the truth of situations promoting justice and peace in the Community.

Signs from God are ecumenical - they go beyond religion and are the basis of spiritual karmic happenstance for all peoples of the world. Signs from God are subtle, occur in visualizations and empathic signs. Signs from God are guidance that is based in unequivocal all knowing truth:

- Signs from God are there to tell you something

- Signs from God help keep peace in love relationships

- Signs from God tell you who to marry

- Signs from God help keep the peace in the Community

- Signs from God help prevent injustice and suffering

- Signs from God can warn you of life-threatening situations

- Signs from God discern the truth of serious matters

Signs from God occur for everyone on key life events (meeting your star-crossed lover, turning karmically impure after too many lovers, karmic redemption after a lifetime of arts calling or public service . . . ) and may occur to Village elders to help keep peace in the Community. The Oracle/Village elder can be anyone pure in the spirit that God has called on, everyone has a reputation, after awhile you get to know who is trustworthy, the Oracle can tell when you lie, they are almost always in a state of grace, other people know them, they always tell the truth, it is a Community of Saints.

The life passage signs from God occur for everyone - knowing what being in a state of grace is, meeting a Starcrossed Lover, turning karmically impure after 5 lovers, turning karmically pure after a lifetime of an arts calling or a calling for work after having too many lovers, the pining prayer (to relieve the emotional pain if a lover leaves you), the discernment prayer for finding a suitable lover (if you cannot have your Starcrossed Lover) etc. there are more than 15 Religious Mysteries that I know of and I am discovering more all the time, it is like the unwritten language of the Holy Spirit. They are subtle, but by being attuned and realizing them will keep you on the right side of God and the right side of the Community creating peace and the way of least harm. I suspect Signs from God are not to be described described in speech, it is tabu like naming God because it is sacred knowledge, I mention them in passing but do not describe them, verbally, I suspect if you describe them verbally you may lose your grace and cause negative karma. It is O.K. to find a trusted Religious/Oracle/Village Elder to describe them for you telepathically. Signs from God are good magic from the Holy Spirit, like children’s fairytales the world does exist in the realm of karma and wonder, in dialogue with the Creator.

Suffering (too many lovers, physical/emotional trauma, injustice . . . ) in my experience is the basis for getting ad hoc signs from God (this and being pure in the Spirit, not harming others, practicing an arts calling/a calling for work, a ritual of prayer). One is usually an elder in the Community for this to occur, there may have been an argument within the Community and God is supporting this person. When someone doesn't support them or is mean to them the Holy Spirit will send a negative empathic sign. If you ask the Holy Spirit for a sign to discern the truth of a serious situation through the "Oracle" you may get an indication telepathically if you are pure in Spirit. Consult the Oracle(s)/Village elders in your town/city/village on all serious matters before taking action (even if just telepathically). It is important to understand the truth of a situation so that innocents are not made scapegoat. When the Spirit of the 10 Commandments are broken and someone is hurt there is karmic dissonance. Someone usually always knows what you've done and God always knows. When innocents are made scapegoat, the suffering creates karmic dissonance that is reflected back on the trespasser and the society. Needless suffering - being beaten on, losing employment, missing your calling for work, losing a lover/husband, becoming a rape victim because of serial lovers, becoming a whore because of serial lovers, not having children when you had a calling to have them, being physically hurt, being emotionally hurt so badly they become a drug addict or alcoholic, being emotionally hurt so badly they suicide or murder someone. Making innocent people scapegoat makes the Community Community unsafe and compromises democracy. It creates economic drivers, violence, debt and war.

The Religious Mysteries may be at the heart of the Catholic Church and Wicca - The Mystery Religion. But I suspect Signs from God are somehow not common knowledge, I was not aware of them until middle age. It may help to find a mentor for your education. I suspect the Spiritual Mysteries may have been lost with the move off the land to the cities with Industrialization or may have been forbidden in an experiment with people’s love lives and the economy. Not knowing the Spiritual Mysteries, not understanding them or not believing them may lead to having too many lovers and becoming an economic driver with all the violence this creates and/or to a miscarriage of justice compromising safety in the Community. The Spiritual Mysteries or Signs from God are there to keep you safe and prevent you from needless suffering.

The majority of the Spiritual Mysteries are there to aid you in finding peace in your personal life, the covenant well-suited marriage the cornerstone of Community and the importance of a happy family that keeps each other safe and creates safety in the Community. Safety is created when all members of the family are socialized in the culture (the rules of protocol) and the Way of the Spirit, when the elders in the family provide information on family feuds and traditional family enemies (so that you can avoid a possible broken marriage vow) and the history of the family giving roots and helping the children understand themselves (who they are, their nature, their favourite colours, suitability for job occupation etc.), passing on the traditional family cultural skills (quilting, knitting, woodworking, cooking, house cleaning, shopping etc.) So that the children can not only survive in the Community but can grow and prosper having families of their own.

Picture this a country of interconnected Communities in which there are few single people over the age of 18. Everyone is karmically pure and married to their Starcrossed Lover, living happily with children if they have a calling for them. Everyone is acculturated in the culture and the Spiritual Mysteries and the entire Community helps in socialization as well as the matching up of Starcrossed Lover/most suited lover by telling the person what the sign of a Starcrossed Lover means (telepathically because I suspect there are rules about naming sacred knowledge) or by helping them find a more suited lover. (It is not a good idea to settle in your married life until 25 years old, giving you a chance to meet your Starcrossed Lover.) The minority of people without a Starcrossed Lover networks through friends, relatives and the Internet to find someone or lives out their life’s destiny according to their calling. Some may want to travel or take education before settling down. Getting to know yourself (if you are from a conflicted emotional background you may need to do some release work and insight counseling to have a happy marriage) and getting to know your Starcrossed Lover is a journey. This Community is safe without violence, less pedophiles, less suicides, less murderers, less mental patients, less queers, less street people, less drug addicts, less alcoholics, less people in the prison house. (In my experience most aberrations in love life (serial relationships, celibacy, queers, satellite marriages . . . ) are because of cursed love lives.) Ideally this Community is a curse free zone – all cultural power paradigms are benign, even if someone trespasses no violence happens. All elders are valued and valuable members of the Community, living within the Community and are well cared for, respected with a happy social life of friends and family so they are not lonely. The crisis in culture and the economy; loss of the ways of the culture and the Spiritual truths with the hidden violence of the cursehold creating social dis-ease, a corrupt society with too much suffering causing karmic dissonance, addictions, rape, violence, debt and war. These conditions are stressed by the morphing to a computerized society with less employment - creative solutions could include part-time work, low costs for consumers, happy marriages and creative use of the Internet by social institutions (government etc.) in new synergies to keep costs low. A society that lives in the Spirit will naturally be a place of enough, good karma and peace creates wealth and prosperity. A better understanding of the subtle ways of the Holy Spirit for direction in choice of thought, word and deed could wake people up to the magic of life in the Spirit and the ultimate truth creating peace in personal lives and the Community. God does not ask very much of us in our time on earth, according to the 10 Commandments, just do not hurt each other. The world does not have to be more complicated than marrying marrying your Starcrossed Lover or most suited lover, and following your calling for work. A “Just say no to violence” attitude could go a long way to healing the Community, with better socialization and cultural power paradigms that don’t hurt people the Western world could become a realized utopia of dance, wonder, peace and enough.

Women as Victims of the Violent Western Culture:

what happens when cultural rules are violated

"The Goddess of Old Europe and Ancient Crete represented the unity of life in nature, delight in the diversity of form, the powers of birth, death and regeneration."
- Carol P. Christ (Writer)

“There are rules of culture, social mores or behaviour. In white culture each line of Elite families has their own cultural rules or rules of behaviour - if broken could be severe consequences.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Getting your love life to work in happy covenant is like rocket science. they making people soldiers.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“When it’s safe to be a girl in N.A. again, I’ll come back.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on women of the Western World as victims of a violent culture . . .

Women may be made victims of the Western culture through cursing causing them to be rape victims and whores. The cultural protocol only exists for elite white families, my guesstimate is 1 in 3 people are the elite and there may be enemy agents/geopolitics in play. Forgetting or not knowing the cultural protocol could result in someone’s death, in turn causing the protagonist’s love life to be sabotaged, so that they cannot marry their Starcrossed or most suited Lover, and in the worst cast scenario may be left as a whore in serial relationships making them a rape victim. Sometimes the female protagonist is forced to sexually service members of the family of the person who was murdered, (perhaps under hypnosis) or may become a target of the men in that family for rape (possibly making the female protagonist suicide), in return for the “hit” not being returned. If the “hit” is returned and an elder in the protagonist’s family dies, the family may disown the protagonist and beat on them with the goal of making him/her suicide. So the person must leave the family and make their own way, often with a cursed love life. When they are old they may be considered a target if there is a disagreement between younger members of the family and their contacts. Also men and women may be cursed by their ex-lovers for leaving.

Sometimes people go on “witch hunts” when people die looking for cause and effect when there may not be any, the world becomes like a detective novel, and people’s lives may be ruined when the truth cannot be readily discerned. The truth may be discerned by consulting village elders (Oracles) and people who know the family before taking action. Another way to discern the truth involves the protagonist finding karmic redemption through a lifetime career in the arts or a calling for work after having 5 lovers (this takes about 20 years).

For most women when they are cursed their personal lives are ruined, they may not be able to marry, may be stuck in serial intimate relationships, may be rape victims, may be whores actually, may become celibate, may not have a family of their own, may become alcoholics and drug addicts, may become economic drivers, may act in and suicide or may act out and become violent. The untold suffering of women (or anyone who is cursed) in the Western World is an abomination.

Sometimes the family and Community can purposely withhold cultural/spiritual knowledge so that the young woman must take the marriage partner the family has planned for them or to make the young woman a whore, sometimes the father in the background collecting monies from her lovers. Sometimes people have plans for you, they may want you somewhere i.e. a nun in a church, a politician, a whore, or with a certain lover for elite body double security paradigms etc. and withholding cultural rules makes so many misunderstandings in the Community, it puts you in a position where you have to show up to get a Lover, or to get the Community to stop beating on you. By withholding cultural protocol information a woman can be made into a whore and economic driver, so that as the woman suffers in rape situations she is being milked to run other people’s businesses. In my observation only very few women are capable of having serial sexual relationships and not get severely depressed and/or committing suicide. Rape makes women soldiers, hard and tortured – constantly losing lovers can make you feel ugly and give you self-esteem issues. Violation issues can give you “artist’s rote” where you are constantly in a state of containing your anger, so that you do not act in and hurt yourself or act out and harm others, often leading to depression. You may not be able to have a family of your own, if you have children you may be a single mother (the way being very hard if there is no husband or family in the picture or if you do not have a lot of friends). Serial relationships can make you karmically impure, giving you emotional baggage so that it is difficult to make a longterm relationship work (even if you could have a longterm relationship). Sometimes cursed women may become celibate or experiment with homosexuality. Being celibate without a family can be very lonely. Because of celibacy and/or sexual violation, women may become alcoholics or drug addicts, street people or mental patients and economic drivers. Defiled women are very bad karma for a society, women are special, usually more sensitive than men and give birth to children continuing the bloodline. Women are the goddess, they give birth to new worlds. Would you really make a teenaged girl a rape victim or a soldier? Women need to be loved, respected and protected by their men in well suited covenant relationship. The marriage relationship is about giving to each other, sharing meals, chores, a bed, perhaps having children, it is the perfect union in respect and worship. The traditional role of women in the home in Western Society makes them very valuable. A happy marriage is the cornerstone to peace in the Community. Happy marriages would in theory produce happy families and more well adjusted and better socialized children. Cursed karmically impure women suffer greatly causing karmic dissonance, leading to debt crisis, violence and war. Men in the culture may also be cursed, cursed people may also become rapists/rape victims, drug addicts, murderers, suicides, street people, mental patients or in the prison house and economic drivers, so as they suffer the elite milks them for ideas to run their businesses.

Ideally the instrument of culture and cursing should be benign without causing actual harm (isn’t the bad karma from uttering a curse enough). The entire culture is out of context, instead of let the truth win, it has become win at any cost. When this happens innocents are hurt causing karmic dissonance, a lack of safety, the society ceases to be a democracy and it causes war. At its best it was a hard way, when people do not forgive each other on Signs from God, the culture becomes a monster. The ways of least harm are the best, do not cast the first stone more than a slight of public opinion. It is important that everyone be acculturated, understanding the cultural rules and the Spiritual Mysteries. By following these rules the Society is less violent as people would be karmically pure, in better discerned well-suited marriages, being married to their Star-crossed or more well-suited lover. Ideally the cultural paradigm would not hurt people, even if there was a trespass. Ideally cursing would not cause harm more than a slight of public opinion. The karmic consequences of the rape, torture, murder, suicide of innocents makes the Western world an underground war zone. Reclaiming the world through the Holy Spirit so that the instrument of culture is hollow so that people aren’t being hurt opens the society to the prospects of new synergies, where people may better be able to make their love lives work in covenant. The positive karma from happy covenant marriages would create wealth of the Spirit and wealth of enough.

How to Have a Great Love Affair

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
- Mother Theresa (Catholic Clergy)

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
- Judy Garland (Actress)

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, a man cannot live without love.”
- Max Muller (Scholar)

So you’ve met someone wonderful, who caught your eye at school, at the library, at a party, at a club. They seem to be as interested in you as you are in them, if you are very lucky they may be your Starcrossed Lover. You start to contemplate each other, you start to contemplate making time for each other . . .

Know yourself. Who you are, what it means to be you. Know the cultural and Spirit/Karma rules around love relationships. (ask telepathically). I suspect it is tabu to talk openly about the secret cultural rules and the Spirit rules described verbally is like naming God and could cause a loss of grace and bad karma.

Explore the buzz around this person, what they are all about. Has someone cursed them? Is someone looking for them? Does someone have plans for them? have they had past lovers? etc. Know where the person has been and what it means. This information can come from the person or from others. If it comes from others, it might be a good idea to communicate these findings with the person, you might be telling them something they don’t know (even if it is just in telepathy).

If initial findings prove positive become friends. Best friends. Get to know each other very well. (see How to Discern the Perfect Marriage).

Favourite Colours/Soul Colours (if they match or not; the more favourite colours you share in common (down to shade) the more positive the relationship will be).

Are you the same or complementary psychological type? (free psychological tests on the Internet).

Is your friend a cousin? (distant relatives can be quite sympatico).

Is your friend an attractive physical type? (you could be looking at this face at breakfast every morning for a very long time).

Have great conversations, the gift of love and friendship is an ongoing dialogue. See what you share opinions on.

Do you share similar interests? Explore your tastes in music and literature. Share what you are reading, the movies you are seeing and discuss them. Go out to places you both have an interest in. Art galleries, restaurants, movie houses.

Notice what the other person needs and give it to them. The relationship becomes a series of gifts that you give to each other. It doesn’t have to be a big gift, it can be any little thing the person may like or need. Even gloves, socks, kitchen stuff, flowers, a hug, any thing you notice that the other person needs or asks for. So the relationship becomes about sustenance, looking after each other, feeding each other love in the gift of life.

There is an Old World adage “love and death not for monies”. Accepting monies (except perhaps for basic needs, like rent) in a non-covenant intimate relationship is I suspect like being Judas, it is bad karma. All sexual affairs should be true love affairs. In a love affair it is better for women to accept large gifts. Because women are the receivers, and are in general more sensitive than men, there is more soul damage, anger and depression that weighs heavy if a love affair breaks or can't last.

Participate in the ritual of preparing and sharing a meal. The simple act of preparing and sharing food together with conversation is a beautiful gift of ritual and love.
Lovers Tryst: one of the most beautiful way is for a lover to “go into freefall” and in a stream of consciousness babble original love poetry at their lover (if the love interest is interested and in the mood they will return with their own original love babble poetry). This is good in public with friends, family, coworkers present or when you are alone together. It tells you someone loves you, may signify the beginning of a affair and tells the world you are serious in love. This for real serious love affairs, the poetry is verbalized, the weight of the poetry says everything. If the poetry escalates you may end up in the bedroom. Poetry steamy and fresh (be aware of the Cultural/Karmic rules of love).

Participate in the ritual of attending church together. Celebrating the gift of love from the Holy Spirit with each other and the Community.

Introduce your Loved One to your favourite people, family and friends. Get impressions of suitability for a longterm relationship.

Write your Loved One notes of poetry in birthday, special occasion and just because cards.

Give each other hugs and/or massages through clothes. (It is best to ask first as sometimes people have sexual assault issues or may be in a bad mood).

Never miss a chance to tell your Loved One you love them.

After developing friendship and an affair of the heart:

Never lie to your Lover, friendships and good relations are important.

Don’t get your wires crossed about intentions. (It is important that both people understand what each other’s intentions towards each other are. Don’t get caught up in cross talk, you can believe what they are saying. If your intentions are different just stay good friends rather than taking the relationship to the level of sex and marriage. Try not to wear rose-coloured glasses and accept the reality of the situation. Sometimes a special friend will grow into a lover sometimes they don’t.

Do you share similar goals do you want the same things?

If the gentleman is serious and respects the girl he will marry her. Traditions around dating may be different for different families and cultures. Traditionally you may date different people (without having sex) and then decide which one you will marry with each other and your families. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover (sometimes more than one that you may meet at any time) or a more suited Lover (on a positive Sign from God) and there may be unofficial rules of the economy/love lives.

When your family is copacetic (and maybe if your family isn’t copacetic) your marriage may be decided in concert with your family. They may have special insight or information and/or influence.

Usually having sex means having babies in the natural flow of romantic relationships. Make informed choices e.g. birth control.

Stay karmically pure by not having too many sexual relationships. People who have had too many lovers are potentially mental patients/suicides/violent/murderers and prone to suffer from addictions. (Remember this every time you leave a lover). After more than 5 opposite sex lovers or one same sex lover (heard in the street) you will get a SignfromGod that you are no longer karmically pure. Karmic purity ensures that you do not suffer too much in relationship, it may be difficult to make a longterm covenant relationship work, but if you are determined to stay together and very well suited, not impossible to make work. There are also cultural/political rules around marrying when you are karmically impure.

Theoretically if a marriage was properly discerned it would not break; if you are Starcrossed or a good settle (most of your soul colours match (you do not love a colour they hate and vice versa), you love each others inner child, you're psychological types are simpatico, may be cousins and have a positive SignfromGod). If a relationship breaks, be kind and do not curse your leaving lover more than a slight of public opinion (there is a Pining Prayer that takes away the emotional pain of loss, as well as other healing prayers). How you behave towards leaving lovers will go on your "sexual resume", upper cuts are one thing, lower cuts are not tolerated and can get you into a lot of trouble with negative karma and actually. A real love affair that is based in mutual love, trust and friendship should be able to contine in friendship forever. Affairs of the heart are free.

How to Discern the Perfect Marriage

“There is nothing worse than a bad marriage.”
- Collective Wisdom

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
- Lao Tzu (Philosopher)

“Colours like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”
- Pablo Picasso (Artist)

“Some colours reconcile themselves to one another, others just clash.”
- Edvard Munch

“Marriages should not have an essence problem, if the lovers are not simpatico enough, there may be conflict and the relationship may break.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Don’t support the war/whore machine . . . happy covenant love life now! figure out how @ World Peace Newsletters,”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Establishment make it look like having many sex partners is normal, it is not normal for the vast majority of people.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“In my mind you are only meant for 1 or a handful of people, your 1 or 2 Starcrossed Lovers, or 1 or 2 simpatico distant cousins on a positive Sign from God – anything else that is truly simpatico and for both of you, for a happy longterm covenant marriage is pure luck.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

A recent study on marriage on the Internet states that 1 in 3 women marry men they are not suited for, knowing the marriage may not last. My theory is that arguments, discomfort in relationships and relationship problems are the symptoms of an essence problem. The 2 lovers aren’t compatible enough, the psychology of their inner child, their soul essence colours and their psychological/intelligence characteristics aren’t similar/complementary enough to sustain an intimate relationship. And quite simply, they are not Starcrossed Lovers. As a rule of thumb I would date and not decide to settle in marriage until I was 25 years old, unless you have already met your Starcrossed Lover. It may also be good to consult a psychic ask when you will meet your Starcrossed Lover. However, it is not impossible to settle in marriage to someone you are well suited for, as long as the marriage is happy and in covenant it can be a good experience creating good karma. (a good settle can also have a positive Sign from God – using the “Staking Prayer” and other Signs, ask telepathically).

As a rule of thumb, a Sign from God as a Starcrossed Lover or some other Sign and/or the “Staking Prayer” is the most important. Then psychology, similar and complementary, including loving your love interests inner child, followed by having similar soul colours, that do not clash and physical attractiveness. The other considerations follow.

This is the guide for discerning a good marriage:

Starcrossed Lovers. Are a very good match on all levels of inner child, soul colours, psychological type, physical type, it is predetermined between the Holy Spirit and your souls before you are born, s/he is meant for you. Often the Starcrossed Lover is from a past life, and you may have more than one but you only need one for a happy lomgterm covenant marriage. In my experience they are always of the opposite sex. There is a Sign from God (ask telepathically, there are rules about describing sacred knowledge verbally, it is tabu). In my experience and according to Old World wisdom you are usually in each others thoughts when you are in the same room. When you go to speak to each other for the first time you will get the Sign.

Favourite Colours or Soul Colours are the essence of your lover. This is how souls in the Guft, before they are born to earth determine if they will meld and create a Starcrossed Lover. Each soul colour has a particular essence or ouvere both individually and in relation to the other soul colours creating your lover’s personality essence. It is important that your soul colours match, the more your favourite colours match, I suspect the happier your relationship will be. The matching favourite colours should be to the same value or shade. And if the soul colours do not match exactly, they at least should not clash.

I suspect the darker your soul colours, the more “deep” or serious you are, the lighter the soul colours the more capricious and childlike. The different combinations of soul colours paint an essence personality picture of that person. Discordant soul colours, ones that are of different values or shades, or soul colours that clash may cause some exaggerated propensity in the personality. Soul colour combinations that could cause “trouble” are red, purple, black or sickly colours (like brown based green) and depending on what other colours they are combined with. For example perhaps liking every shade of the colour red causes a propensity for violence.

Some soul/favourite colours are primary (you wear them all the time, always buy that colour, always decorate with that colour) you have a very strong positive feeling about that colour(s). Some soul/favourite colours are secondary, you don’t love them, you don’t hate them, you are neutral about them. Some soul/favourite colours are tertiary, you have a strong negative reaction to them, you never wear or buy anything in that colour. If your lover really loves a colour you really dislike, that is tertiary for you or vice versa, it may make you feel uncomfortable or angry, as you reject their different essence, I suspect the colour clash could cause an argument. Not a good basis for a happy relationship in the longterm.

The following are the basic essences of colours:

Red – The essence of the colour red is: danger, aggression, power, love, sex, passion, courage, determination, excitement, violence, heat, energy, masculine.

Found in the Natural World: garnets, blood, minerals, flowers.

Light Red – joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, love, indecision.

Dark Red – willpower, rage, wrath, anger, leadership, courage, malice, yearning.

Maroon – indecisiveness.

Pink – The essence of the colour pink is: romance, love, friendship, passivity, calming, affection, ethereal, feminine.

Found in the natural world: flowers, sunsets.

Pale Pink – sweetness of youth, fragility.

Vibrant Pinks – high spirits, energy, youth.

Orange – The essence of the colour orange is: warmth, energy, balance, excitement, success, friendly, joy, happiness, heat, constructiveness, Autumn.

Found in the natural world: the sun, flowers, pumpkins, oranges.

Dark Orange – deceit, distrust, Autumn.

Red Orange – desire, sexuality, domination, aggression, pleasure.

Bright Orange – tangy citrus, good health.

Pale Orange – sophisticated.

Brown – The essence of the colour brown is: friendship, home, reliability, comfort, endurance, stability, simplicity, intimacy, productivity, fertility, generosity, masculine.

Found in the natural world: earth, stones, tree bark.

Reddish Brown – harvest, Autumn.

Beiges and Tans – sophistication, neatness, conceals emotion.

Copper – passion, money goals, professional growth.

Coffee Browns – sophistication, richness, robustness, panache.

Gold – The essence of the colour gold is: wealth, God, winning, safety, happiness, wisdom, spiritual love, sciences, concentration, masculine.

Found in the natural world: mineral.

Yellow – The essence of the colour yellow is: intelligence, memory, social energy, cooperation, happiness, energy, warmth, clarity, understanding, wisdom, betrayal, jealousy, cowardice, caution, covetousness, disease, curiosity, mellowness, confidence, humour, creativity, idealism, hope, enlightenment, Summer.

Found in the natural world: topaz, sun, wheat, light, flowers, some fruits.

Dull Yellow – caution, decay, sickness, jealousy.

Light Yellow – intellect, freshness, joy.

Ivory/Cream – quiet, calm, understated elegance, purity, softness.

Green – The essence of the colour green is: earth mother, physical healing, success, abundance, fertility, hope, food, growth, renewal, stability, immortality, inexperience, envy, quiet, misfortune, compassion, calm, joy, love, friendliness, fresh, reincarnation, Spring.

Found in the natural world: emeralds, grass, trees, plants.

Dark Green – money, ambition, greed, jealousy, prestige.

Yellow-Green – sickness, jealousy, cowardice, discord.

Olive Green – peace.

Blue – The essence of the colour blue is: peace, wisdom, mystery, protection, creativity, quiet wisdom, freedom, love, trust, loyalty, depression, sadness, tranquility, truth, stability, confidence, order, comfort, harmony, patience, idealism, cooperation, sincerity.

Found in the natural world: sapphires, oceans, sky, water, birds, flowers.

Royal Blue – richness, superiority, cold.

Dark Blue – stability, credibility, wisdom, warmth, knowledge, power, integrity, serious, law, order, serenity.

Turquoise – The essence of the colour turquoise is: emotional healing, calming, protection, refreshing, sophisticated, feminine.

Found in the natural world: stones, flowers, birds, sky.

Light Turquoise – feminine.

Teal – sophisticated.

Purple – The essence of the colour purple is: influence, psychic ability, spiritual power, dignity, royalty, cruelty, arrogance, transformation, wisdom, creativity, magic, energy, self-confidence, sensuality, elegance, conceit, nausea, capriciousness, feminine.

Found in the natural world: amythests, flowers, birds, plums, grapes.

Lavender – sexual indesiciveness, romance, nostalgia, femininity.

Dark Purple – sadness, frustration, richness.

Mauve – world consciousness.

Violet – meditation, creativity, beauty, inspiration, sensuality, concentration, quietness, ethereal, responsibility, sacrifice.

Blue Purple – mystical.

White – The essence of the colour white is: spirituality, peace, virginity, simplicity, cleanliness, humility, sterility, innocence.

Found in the natural world: diamonds, snow, flowers, birds, stars, Winter.

Silver – The essence of the colour silver is: clairvoyance, intuition, dreams, sleekness, modernity.

Found in the natural world: metals.

Grey – The essence of the colour grey is: security, reliability, intelligence, modesty, sadness, conservative, professional, sophisticated, durability, quality, quiet, masculine.

Found in the natural world: skies, stones, birds, Winter.

Black – The essence of the colour Black is: protection, power, sexuality, sophistication, elegance, mystery, fear, evil, anonymity, sadness, bad luck, anger, drama, serious, anedonia, masculine.

Found in the natural world: onyx, night sky, stones, minerals.

The same and complementary psychological type: According to an aptitude test/I.Q. test (M.M.P.I.) sometimes free on the Internet, if you are suited to the same umbrella of job categories, it means your psychology is similar, shaped by similar early experiences, as well as similar personality characteristics. In my experience the familiarity of the self is mirrored in the ideal lover. For example Writers/Artists/Musicians and people in this umbrella of jobs are often attracted to other Writers/Artists/Musicians. Also, some psychological types are attracted to complementary psychological types. For example accountants/public service people/police/doctors (and those in this umbrella of jobs) may be attracted to lawyers/nurses (and those in this umbrella of jobs).

Also, it may help that the lovers psychology is familiar, often people are attracted to people with the psychology of their mother or father, if these relationships were conflicted, a good longterm intimate relationship may heal these early wounds. The psychology of your mother or father is mirrored in the marriage interest, so if for e.g. your mother was cold and distant and not very demonstrative, you may be attracted to someone of the same psychological oeuvre. Or if your father was loud and angry, you may be attracted to someone who is loud and angry. I suspect people may be attracted to the psychology of the least frightening parent. Also, people may be attracted to those who were similarly wounded at the same psychosocial stage. If for example the person was wounded at the stage of attachment, the first stage in Erickson’s hierarchy, if the child could not rely on having it’s needs met, therefore not bonding effectively with its caregiver and having trust issues this person may be attracted to someone also wounded at the stage of attachment. The magic is when you are both well-suited psychological types and mirror the psychology of one of the other’s parents. Dissonance occurs and possibly a broken relationship when only one of you has complementary psychology.

In my experience Positive SignsfromGod, Starcrossed Lovers or someone who is suitable through the Staking Prayer (a prayer for discernment in marriage) takes into account simpatico psychology.

The role of the inner child in love relationships. The inner child is the persona that presents itself when a person becomes playful. This persona was largely formed in the first 5 years of life and it includes childlike wonder, vulnerability and a particular sense of humour. And may include behaviour/humour that was used to get the attention of one’s caregiver. As one grows into adulthood the Inner Child may become suppressed because of social conditioning (which is concerned with conformity) and adult goals. The Inner Child is the person’s authentic self; it is innately full of energy, creativity and fulfillment. Your reaction to your Lover’s Inner Child is in my experience automatic, either you laugh and embrace them, or get angry and dump on them or some variation of this. If you consistently celebrate your love interests Inner Child, it is positive and one of the key elements to making a happy longterm commitment. Who wants to get into an argument everytime your Lover’s Inner Child comes out to play? It means you are rejecting their essence and they are not a good match for you, your psychology isn’t similar and/or complementary enough.

Kinship. May determine if you are attracted to someone. If there has been trouble between your 2 families (traditional family enemies etc.) you may find yourself at someone’s throat; it is the bad karma of betrayal, ended love affairs, murders between the extended members of the 2 families. On the other hand distant cousins may be very attractive if the same/complementary psychological type with soul/favourite colours.

Physical Attraction. It helps to find your longterm lover physically attractive.

The discernment prayer or “staking prayer”. The Holy Spirit will tell you how well-suited you are to your potential lover taking in all considerations. Because this is sacred knowledge I am reluctant to describe it (there are rules about verbally describing sacred knowledge, it is tabu, the special magic of the prayer may not work because of it and may result in a loss of grace and bad karma) but see what you can find out telepathically. In my experience it does work. If you don’t trust it, get an elder to do the prayer for you and your potential lover. It may be good to get more than one reading from different Oracles because sometimes people can be capricious. Sometimes elders and Oracles can tell how well suited you are to your potential lover just by looking at your eyes.

Astrological Charts and Psychic Impressions. Casting both yours and your potential lovers astrological charts may help determine compatibility. Also psychic impressions, determining if you shared a past life together; people who have shared a past life together sometimes have a certain simpatico, even if you were on opposite sides of a war, the person will still feel familiar and all compatibility concerns considered can help in making a good marriage decision.

The Elements as Soul Essences. Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The elements as essence are determined partly by soul colour essence, the characteristics of the places your people are from, past lives and astrology. Usually people are primarily one element essence, with a secondary element essence. In my experience most French/Italian people are Water people who like the colour blue (influenced by living by the ocean). Irish people tend to be Earth people. Air people may have been birds in a past life. In my experience the familiarity of the self is reflected in a marriage partner. So if you are a Water Sign you may be happier with someone who is a Water Sign for a life partner. But in all considerations for a marriage partner Element Essence may not be a primary concern.

Remember the Spirit Rules of Love. To create peace in covenant relationship, it is important to be karmically pure. To not have had more than 5 different partners in intimate relationship or one same sex affair. Or to have found karmic redemption after having followed an arts calling or a special calling for work over a period of about 20 years. Being karmically pure is positive karma that helps keep the relationship in peace and covenant. If people are karmically impure, I do not think it is impossible to keep a relationship together in covenant, it helps to be really well-suited, I believe it is just more difficult emotionally (it is important to know each other really well, have clear intentions to stay together and not to take out your angst over past losses on each other by doing release work and journaling). It helps if one of you is karmically pure. It also helps to not “defile the font” or commit sexual blasphemy (anal sex, manipulation of the genitals with the hands, and oral sex, particularly on women), people sometimes lose respect for each other when this occurs and the relationship may break.

Remember the Cultural/Political Rules of Love. Each country has a broader culture with unofficial rules, ask older members of the family telepathically, teachers at school and in the street. Elite white family rules may be different from black families. Each elite white family has its own agenda, the father or the head of the household is the last word. Marriages are condoned in concert with your family, your lover’s family and the Community – it is important not to be cursed by someone.

There may be exceptions to these unofficial rules of influence and finance. This is my understanding of the overall rules for Canada/N.A.:

i. The vast majority of people do not marry their first lover; (exceptions may include benefits of finance or influence).

ii. The lovers need to be the same political/national affiliation;

iii. It may not be possible to have a longterm lover if one of you are on welfare;

iv. If you are karmically impure you may need to marry out (someone you are not related to) ask telepathically;

v. you cannot keep a wife and mistress if you are over 30 years old (there may be an exception of finances);

vi. at 50 years old these rules may become lax.

These may be the unofficial “rules” (there may be a few more depending on nationality or family) which I have picked up in the street.

With the Online Transition Economy, a shift is occurring because of streamlined systems creating less employment and changing business models. In my mind some of these rules could use a rethink, it is as if they were put in place in the early 1950’s by certain captains of industry when the welfare system was introduced and they “kicked the table”, they were afraid the economy wouldn’t work (everyone would want to be on welfare). However, the awful suffering caused by some of these rules has manifested karmic dissonance and violence, that sabotages the economy in any case. Ideally these rules would be in line with the Holy Spirit, in my mind not causing trespass creates sonance, peace and prosperity.

Firstly, a woman’s hymen is a physical sign of a spiritual covenant, I think you should be able to keep your first lover.

I do not understand the second rule, ideally people’s needs could be looked after at a local level by their friends and family but a government entity may be a larger information system with more resources. In my opinion a nationality spec plays into an “us” and “them” mentality that may not be healthy but sometimes governments are not on the same page and do not have the same agendas. In my mind everyone should be married to their Starcrossed or more suited lover on a positive SignfromGod. This is possible, according to my understanding you may be able to change your nationality once.

The third rule is an oxymoron to me, in my mind you should be able to have a longterm lover regardless of the state of your income – in a world with reduced employment this unofficial rule is manifesting violence and a very broken society. Ideally anyone who contributes to the Community economy significantly with unpaid work, should be able to have a longterm lover.

The fourth rule is a matter of culture and politics (ask telepathically), if the goal of the society was peace (rather than monies) in my mind it would be in everyone’s best interest to be married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover regardless. However, being karmically impure you may fall victim to elite security paradigms, by marrying a double of a head (usually European Royalty, Hollywood elite or Wealthy elite) sometimes these marriages are not that well discerned. (ask around in the street where the “house” is). There are also other parameters around elite security paradigms that are violent sometimes people will fight over where the “house” is. In my mind it is best to get your love life worked out for longterm in your first 5 lovers.

The fifth rule is a matter of the heart, sometimes a man may marry and meet his Starcrossed Lover afterwards, and as a tradition in French society, keep a wife and mistress. It helps to be karmically pure. In my opinion people’s love lives are their own.

These rules are unofficial and could possibly change, doing the right thing and not hurting others, not committing trespass in my understanding of the Holy Spirit will naturally create good karma, peace and enough. Perhaps this society is over-regulated, based in a Satanist history, manifesting people with unhappy love lives (Traditional family enemies, Enemy agents) who take out their sexual frustrations by hurting others, by hurting themselves in suicide, in a self-perpetuating cycle of violence. Their great suffering creates them as economic drivers, feeds the economy and the violence acts to keep the population down freeing up resources, in the Old School Economy.

Hidden Agendas

“Beware the dungeons and dark alleyways, stay amongst the people of the light.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher,Counselor)

“Happy love life = Peace on earth.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The busted up frig machine hurts and kills people.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Fracture in love lives makes N.A. an underground war zone.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, artist, Writer, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on Hidden Agendas, the different affiliations of people in your life who could have vested interest in making you a whore/economic driver and possibly a suicide. Sometimes people have secret plans for you, in my experience there is a huge design machine, you need to ask a lot of questions to figure out what is going on and stay on the right side of people, not causing serious offense. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover and a calling for work, any trespass of cultural principal, political goal or other people's plans that interferes with either of these happenings is a sin against God. Cultural power constructs should be benign, witch hunts should be avoided and if something is seriously wrong it should be investigated and dealt with. Safety of the people in the Community is a priority. Innocents should not be made scapegoat in some power scheme to create monies or so they fit into other people’s body double security paradigms. The following information is an overview discerned through life experience and the grapevine and may or may not be current information . . .

Your Family

May have plans for you. If they withhold key karmic or cultural information it is best to pick up this information from the elders in your family, from “reliables” (people who are usually in a state of grace with good reputations) like school teachers, from cousins and people in the street and the schoolyard. If you are not being socialized properly, there is a lack of respect in the home and/or violence you should probably leave home when you are 16 to 18 years old. Be taken in by a relation where you don't fight or friends and make your own way. If you are not being socialized properly you may have your love life cursed by friends and people in the Community because you are not acting properly within acceptable cultural standards. How to tell? Not everyone has to worry too much about these issues, rules of socialization depend on your family bloodline (about 1 in 3 people are the elite and need to know about this). If you are in trouble with your friends or there seems to be an argument of some kind with your friends or teachers or your friends won't talk to you and their families actually move away(and this happens regularly)and you don't know what is going on, ask a lot of questions (even just telepathically). You can always trust someone who usually is in a state of grace (most teachers). Your parents may be creating you as an economic driver/whore so that they can brag to their friends that they have a famous son/daughter, or have a plan that you violate social rules so badly that you have to be home with them for life, or some hidden plan and may be using you and your suffering to feed their families businesses with ideas for product development etc. However this practice is very violent emotionally and actually and also creates people with addictions, suicides and murderers. The more broken you become in your love life, the more you suffer, the more addicted to alcohol or drugs, theoretically the more creative you become as a survival instinct kicks in. Your family could have plans for your career eg. becoming a doctor, lawyer, priest etc. or have someone in mind for your marriage partner (possibly a child of a friend of the family). Your family could have plans for your marriage partner, maybe in an elite body double security paradigm. Sometimes the plans are benign, sometimes they are not, figure out what is going on.

Your Friends and the Community

It is best to stay on the right side of your friends and the people in your Community, not offending people or they may curse you. Ask around about the people you meet everyday (even if just in thoughts) if they are of good reputation, can you trust their information? Anyone who is usually in a state of grace is a reliable (ask telepathically). Stay away from people who are not of good reputation. There are cultural and karmic rules to live by, learn them, ask a lot of questions.


Past lovers may have an interest in having you back. They may cause a slander/whispering campaign or curse you so that you can’t have a longterm relationship with someone else, making you a rape victim and creating an economic driver. These “cases” can end in addictions, murder or suicide for both people. In my opinion no curse should be longterm or permanent. It is not right to curse someone beyond making it known that your lover left and you miss them. You have 5 chances with 5 different lovers before you become karmically impure. Practice the Pining Prayer and Healing Prayer to take away the emotional pain of loss if a lover leaves. Journal, do release work, have positive dialogue, meditation, yoga, exercise etc. Sometimes a true affair of the heart will wander back to you. Disseminate, develop more contacts over the Internet, at school, at work, find your Starcrossed Lover, you are usually in their thoughts when you are in the same room and the sign occurs when you first go to talk. It is possible to regain karmic purity through an arts calling or a special calling for work.

Traditional Family Enemies

May have a vested interest in ending your bloodline or raping you, everyone makes money from economic drivers. It is best to ask your family who your family enemies are. Sometimes when you are a child (or an adult) you get a feeling when you meet someone, that you don’t like them, this means there could have been trouble (murders, broken marriage vows etc.) between your extended family members. It is best to stay away from traditional family enemies and not offend them. Probably best not to date unless Starcrossed.


This is an unofficial acronym for World War II German elite (including some lines of German royalty) and the corporations they own. They are white supremacist. They may have an unofficial human seeding program that creates cast off children as "spare parts", usually a married woman is given a large gift of some kind (not usually money but a guaranteed job or request like your husband never leaves you) in return for keeping the “plant” child (I suspect the woman may be made pregnant through artificial insemination under hypnosis so she doesn’t realize it has happened or may have had an affair with a half-brother of a Royal head). Plants are often economic drivers as they may be cursed by their families and/or the Community, particularly if they are not socialized properly. Often the family will withhold cultural information from the "plant" because they are angry at being seeded. F.U.C.K. runs the world with Alphabet Soup, 26 people whose opinions are used to determine public policy. It is always best to know how much influence you have and if you are being used in these paradigms. N.B.: When giving opinions it is always best to be even-handed (something positive, something that needs to be improved on) because you could be negatively affecting someone’s bottom line which could get you unexpected company at night i.e. you could be raped under hypnosis while you sleep).

European Royalty

European Royalty are interested in self perpetuation, doing good works, promoting charities, diplomatic work and keeping financing. Probably white supremacist, may be interested in body double security paradigms. May be interested in the economic driver scene, because it creates entertainment and government agents.

The Church(es)

Basic Christian corollary, do good works, help keep the peace. A place of ritual, confession and atonement.

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is surrounded by negative cultural practice. Often people end up as priests and nuns when they do not have a true calling, causing sexual acting out and other abuses of the Spirit. The Catholic Church looks for the failed economic drivers, the ones that may have cursed someone more than public opinion and those that may have become celibate after a serial rape situation. It is a place of sanctuary but people are meant to be with their Starcrossed Lover (on a sign from God), in my mind it is not natural to be celibate. Someone who is meant to be a celibate in the Catholic Church gets a sign from God when they do the discernment "staking" prayer for love on a love interest, or after they have cursed an ex-lover, I suspect suitable conjugants are already karmically impure, have a low sex drive and good intellectual/communication skills. There is healing in the religious mysteries, taking of the Eucharist and being mitered in the Spirit – if anyone is in real trouble I always suggest going to Catholic Charities or to a Church service with Confession, an act of Contrition and taking the Eucharist, and to go and sin no more.


The Scientologists seem to be about making money and Saints. They look after people with good therapy after the fallout of the “sex wars.” In my experience they may be helpful.


May have an interest in economic drivers because they invent new products, improve products and streamline systems.

Big Oil

Big Oil is big money. Not above using the U.S. Army to preserve its interests. Secretly runs the U.S. and I suspect the world. In the 1970’s someone invented a car engine that ran on water, an oil company bought the patent and mothballed the project. My casual observation is “Anyone they can’t screw or buy gets forked into the ditch.” Also because of natural energy resources their power may be in decline.

Big Pharma

Supports the psychiatric system and the broken economic driver scene which creates a market for selling psychotropic drugs. Occasionally creates miracle cures.

Terrorist Organizations

Promote a political agenda and the safety and interests of their people. Not above using violence.*

Black Panthers

Promote the safety and well being of Black people in the face of white oppression.

K.K.K.(Ku Klux Klan)

American white supremacists, interested in marrying white. Probably secretly running North America.


Muslim Terrorists practising violence. Misled by their governments to believe they will go to heaven if they murder innocents. They need to be married to their Starcrossed or more suited Lover on a positive SignfromGod, difficult to do in an orthodox culture where men and women are segregated and usually do not talk.

The Government

May have an interest in the economic driver scene as it creates leaders and possibly agents. May actually participate in the disabuse associated with the “sex wars.” As the “case” unfolds in public, they may take sides and in my experience, may not always be righteous. N.B: Sometimes small towns will play favourites, in the “sex wars” everyone has an opinion and may disabuse someone.

The West will usually support the righteous candidate in the "sex wars". Chaos foreign governments may play into elite security paradigms and may not support your endeavours for a happy marriage. Chaos foreign governments may have a propensity for violence.* Network, ask questions, tell people about your situation (even telepathically) and attempt to get a good situation.


Is an association of Italian cousins (there are different families) that have business interests. They may not be above using violence to promote their interests. May be interested in the economic driver scene because it creates money and murderers. Go figure.


The talent may be honed in serial rape situations (because their love lives may be cursed) that creates suffering, hot properties, monies, agents and people with addictions that may suicide. These are the successful economic drivers.

The Army

Takes in those that are karmically impure (had too many lovers) or have cursed or been cursed more than a slight of public opinion. The violation of having had too many lovers can make one violent and excellent candidates for killing people.

To not have a happy love life in covenant with your Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover is a serious hurt. Be fully versed in cultural/karmic information, stay on the right side of the people in your family and the people in the Community, it is important not to be cursed. Stay away from people of not good reputation, people who hurt others and operate against the Holy Spirit. It is sometimes good to do some consciousness raising. Any trespass of cultural principal, political goal or other peoples plans that stop you from having your Starcrossed Lover or following your calling for work is a blasphemy against God. Ask a lot of questions (even just telepathically) and attempt to discover what people have planned for you.

* Any individual aligned with a chaos government and or terrorist group and uses violence against innocents are not in-line with the Holy Spirit, they are creating karmic dissonance and therefore their SignsfromGod may be off or do not exist and they may not be good at discerning happy marriages. Any violence perpetuated will be reflected in their primary relationship as karmic backlash, in fighting and discord.

The Politics of Love

"you own someone with your heart, not your fist"
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“porn makes women public property, who really wants to be public property?“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“they took love, something everyone needed and put it in a box“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“in this society love is porn“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“in this society people may be hurt so badly, the Holy Spirit intervenes to save them“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“a society that does not listen to Signs from God is doomed“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on how love has been abrogated by politics, money and white culture/geopolitics . . .

Modern love became lost in politics, monies and white culture/geopolitics and it may suit the male patriarchy but made most women bleed. Men may not understand the sacred bond of sex the same way women do. Sex is sacred and how people experience God on earth, there are cultural rules and Spirit rules around bonding that have been lost or are ignored because of the white culture/geopolitics and eroded value systems.

Squaring off on someone is a fear response, like kicking the table. You’re afraid there will not be someone for you and you fuck up someone’s love life when they may not be very well suited to you or you to them. Then there is big suffering and because you’ve caused Karmic dissonance you’ve self sabotaged yourself. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover. Whiteface culture is a sucker punch, never curse someone more than a slight of public opinion. It feeds the psychiatric system, the prison house, the street and the war economy/geopolitics.

Men and women have different essences – serial relationships without longterm commitment may suit the male patriarchy, quick recreational sex without complication, attachment or commitment. This way makes most women garbage.

Most women may not understand this, they sleep with you they are home. If you take home away from them, they bleed. For women love/sex is like the feathered inside of a coloured glass orb, something special, something serious. Women are vulnerable, the vast majority of women are too sensitive for serial sexual relationships. Women are valuable – they make your bed, give you children, make food, keep the house clean, do your laundry and this society treats women like garbage. Ideally women would be in a happy relationship where both parties are well suited. Because of the white culture/geopolitics this may not be possible and certain people in the elite back this because it makes them monies, is a way to pick on traditional family enemies, supports elite security paradigms and supports a war economy. The cursehold of the white culture/geopolitics should be abolished, it is obscene.

Having a lover leave is like being raped. Sorrow, loss, violation, as if the Holy Spirit has been trespassed against. After the “affair” you burn, you get hot rushes of sitting on sexual energy that is not being channeled into sex, it is very uncomfortable and you have great anger that can make you want to hurt yourself or others unless it is channeled effectively. It is great suffering and depression and destroys your peace. This suffering gets channeled into something else – as if a survival instinct in overdrive, release work, an arts calling, ideas for other peoples businesses and drives the economy. Any form of disharmony in love life will cause suffering, celibacy, mismatched lovers, serial lovers. God did not put us on earth to suffer, each one of us was given a Starcrossed Lover, (sometimes more than one) on a Sign from God to marry in happy covenant for our entire lifetime on earth. In the Bible sexual licentiousness caused out of control weather systems (Noah’s Ark and Sodom and Gomorrah), my theory is that when God kissed the world in the beginning there was a paradigm put in place, when there was too much corruption of the body, through karmic impurity (sex out of covenant) of the majority of the population the weather systems would become violent and erratic, as if the earth orb is a reflection of dis-ease. If God had wanted us to be whores he would have said so in the Bible/Ten Commandments. The majority of the Holy Spirit rules and Signs from God exist to preserve happy covenant love lives and the rest help keep justice and peace in the Community.

There are Spirit Rules of love lives, the goal is to stay karmically pure and have a life mate who you are happy with in covenant and who is happy with you. After 5 different lovers of the opposite sex (from personal experience) or one lover of the same sex (heard from the street) you will get a sign from God that you are karmically impure.

In my idealized Tahitian Island culture everyone is looked after, no one is left alone in a room pining. I suspect they knew the sacred rules of Karma around sexual relationships so people did not become karmically impure. They knew who they were meant for, Starcrossed lovers but if someone was left out or there was someone new in the Community everyone was accomadated in true love affairs. I suspect as long as people are karmically pure it may be possible to have more than one lover in covenant (although my good sense tells me more than 2 could be stressful). People talked to their lovers or perhaps ex-lovers (if the relationship broke because they did not know themselves well enough to make a good choice), there was no acrimony or violence, people were karmically pure. Love is love in a matriarchal culture and peace reigns.

Know yourself, know the cultural rules, know the Spirit rules, have no enemies. Having a happy love life saves your life and the world. The cursehold of white culture/geopolitics should not exist. People should be in a covenant relationship with their Starcrossed Lover, if God wanted us alone in a room driving the economy he would not have sent a Starcrossed Lover. Who wants to live in a white culture/geopolitics system where the suffering is so horrific, people are rape victims, drug addicts, suicide and murder people causing violence and war. Where the world is so out of control and people have suffered so much the Holy Spirit intervenes to save people. I do not want a world where sex is an instrument of the economy. Love/sex in context is love, shelter and family, love/sex out of context, is its antithesis war. One of the most telling lessons I have learned is that everyone comes from different emotional and cultural backgrounds, people may not have the same understandings you do and it is always best to ask for advice (even if just in thoughts) to avoid trouble.

Martyrs to the Economy:
Suicide and Cursing

“Civilizations die from suicide . . .”
- Arnold J. Toynbee (Historian)

“It is always consoling to think of suicide in that way one gets through many a bad night.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche (Philosopher)

“The whole world's on dope and violence. curse not, lest ye' be cursed.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Do not throw the first stone more than a slight of public opinion . . . curse not l'est ye' be cursed. beware horrific karma/consequences.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The more you suffer in your love life (serial relationships, unhappy marriage, celibacy) could possibly make you an economic driver.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The more you suffer in your love life (serial relationships, unhappy marriage, celibacy) the more the elite are milking you for monies.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

"One day we will be free and home."
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are some thoughts on cursing, the making of Artists, economic drivers and Martyrs to the Economy . . . The Western world is a satanic cult, a black mass for dead ex-lovers, a society of whores. People often curse their ex-lovers, people they usually were not perfectly suited for (or who were not very well suited to them) so that their future relationships break. This is allowed by the culture and the elite. It is a bad game where the more an ex-lover suffers because they are broken sexually in serial relationships the more creative they become perhaps becoming famous and becoming wealthy (less likely in the New Economy because there are so many arts producers) but it is also likely they become alcoholics/drug addicts and face problems of violence and suicide. It puts pressure on families, the healthcare system and on the penal system. Sometimes what the Artist produces becomes more important than the Artist, while some Artists live in poverty and endure great hardship; sometimes people don’t know what to do or say in the face of such great suffering. Because Artists are often economic drivers, people may use their ideas and make great amounts of money, it is important to give back to the Artist (monies or something they need or a sale). To not do this causes karmic dissonance; the good elite usually recompense Artists.

Why is cursing allowed? Cursing creates wealth for the elite through the ideas of economic drivers (the more people suffer in their love lives (mismatched marriages, serial relationships, celibacy etc.) the more their survival instinct goes into overdrive so that they come up with new ideas to drive the economy (new product lines, product improvements, strap lines, marketing ideas, designs, streamlining systems, dialogue for movies, ideas for art installations etc.); cursing creates consumerism (as people hurting from busted love lives go shopping); cursing hones workers (to a point, after a certain degree of suffering they may not be able to work and be on welfare); cursing creates a population of people ready to go to war creating wealth for the elite; when war does occur it cleans out the welfare rolls creating more jobs; it may help keep the population down, because peoples love lives are askew they may not have children and it primes people to suicide freeing up jobs; cursing may make martyrs out of elders taking away an information source that could help youth find suitable marriage partners, so that they may make ill-informed decisions becoming economic drivers; its entertainment, like watching a pugilist scene; sometimes the ex-lover returns (if they morph into the same psychological type, if their soul colours aren’t too different, if they haven’t sexually defiled each other, if they like each others inner child); cursing is difficult to control for, and is endemic to the culture perhaps for tens of thousands of years. It is an incredibly abusive culture centered on social control, elite body double security paradigms, revenge, wealth, sex, suicide, violence and war rather than forgiveness, happiness, love and dancing.

Cursing has become out of context and become a monster, creating abusive social constraints and too much suffering. This cultural paradigm is suited to those who are not too sensitive and can have multiple sexual partners without suffering too hard however in my experience this is the vast minority of people, particularly women. Whether it is after the 5th lover or the 15th lover or the 32nd lover I suspect there is a point at which most people end up throwing up in the washroom and may become celibate. Because they are karmically impure (more than 5 lovers) it is difficult to make a longterm relationship work, it is like throwing someone’s personal life into the garbage can, they may end up without a family of their own or without children, if they become very depressed and disturbed maybe eventually without work (something there is not as much of in the computerized economy) and they may end up addicted to alcohol/drugs, in mental institutions, in suicide, experimenting with homosexuality, in a war zone murdering people/going postal or as a committed celibate in the church. If the cursed ex-lover continues in their special calling for work/arts (over a period of around 20 years) they may be karmically redeemed through the Holy Spirit so that they should now be able to make their love life work in covenant with someone they are well suited for over the longterm but this may depend on if the Community forgives them (if God forgave them, why wouldn’t you?) and if they can find someone suitable to marry.

Anyone whoever committed suicide in Hollywood (or in your town), anyone forced to Murder themselves because someone was screwing over their love life or because they were sucker punched into cursing someone (who really understands what they are doing when they curse?)) could be honoured on the “Martyrs to the Economy Day.” Just like the honour rolls of fallen war heroes, people could pray for the fallen economic drivers by lighting a candle and saying a prayer for peace, quietly promising themselves not to cast the first stone against their ex-lovers (not more than a slight of public opinion). The following is a list of prominent Hollywood suicides:

Chris Acland (Musician)

Stuart Adamson (Singer)

Howard Armstrong (Invented FM Radio)

Russell Armstrong (Actor)

Diana Barrymore (Actress)

Clara Blandick (Actress)

Danny Bonaducci (Actor)

Jonathan Brandis (Actor)

Richard Brautigan (Author)

Montgomery Cliff (Actor)

Kurt Cobain (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

Ray Combs (Gameshow Host)

Pamela Courson (girlfriend of Jim Morrison)

Hart Crane (Poet)

Dennis Crosby (son of Actor Bing Crosby)

Lindsay Crosby (son of Actor Bing Crosby)

Ian Curtis (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

Pam Dawber (Actress)

James Dean (Actor)

Elvis (Singer/Actor/The King)

Lillian Millicent Entwistle (Actress)

Brian Epstein (Beatles Manager)

Tom Evans (Musician)

Carrie Fisher (Actress, Commedienne)

Sigmund Freud (Psychoanalyst/Author)

Gerard de Nerval (Poet and Author)

Judy Garland (Actress)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Author)

Anton Gustafsson (Musician)

Corey Haim (Actor)

Peter Ham (Musician)

Rusty Hamer (Actor)

Ernest Hemingway (Author)

Margaux Hemingway (Fashion Model/Actress)

Jimi Hendrix (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

Abbie Hoffman (Author)

Douglas Hopkins (Musician)

Robert E. Howard (Author)

Whitney Houston (Singer)

Michael Hutchence (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

Michael Jackson (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

Brian Jones (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

Terry Jones (David Bowie’s brother)

Janis Joplin (Singer)

Terry Kath (Singer/Musician)

Heath Ledger (Actor)

Alexander McQueen (Fashion Designer)

Keith Moon (Musician)

Marilyn Monroe (Actress)

Cory Monteith (Singer, Actor)

Nico (Singer, Musician)

Robert Pilatus (Singer)

Sylvia Plath (Poet)

Dana Plato (Actress)

Freddie Prinze (Actor)

George Reeves (Actor)

George Sanders (Actor)

Ben Scott (Musician)

Edie Sedgwick (girlfriend of Bob Dylan)

Anne Sexton (Poet)

Del Shannon (Singer)

Sid and Nancy (Musician and his lover)

Elliot Smith (Singer/Songwriter)

David Strickland (Actor)

Poly Styrene (Singer/Songwriter)

Sara Teasdale (Poet)

Thelma Todd (Actress)

Hunter S. Thompson (Journalist)

Vincent Van Gogh (Artist)

Frankie Venom (Singer/Songwriter)

Herve Villechaize (Actor)

Wendy O. Williams (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

Paul Williams (Singer)

Alan Wilson (Musician)

Dennis Wilson (Musician)

Amy Winehouse (Singer/Songwriter)

Virginia Woolf (Author)

These are some of the most famous suicides to occur in the last 50 years, it consists of talented people mostly of the Western world and the list is in no way exhaustive. Suicide in Hollywood tends to occur occasionally and regularly, one prominent Artist suicides and then because of a negative effect on the Collective Unconscious others follow like falling cards. There is a small town mirror of this effect, where I suspect suicide is occurring in the lives of “ordinary” people in small towns and big cities across the country. Suicide is not something people readily talk about but it would be interesting to ask friends how many of their contacts have killed themselves. I have had at least 9 suicides amongst my friends and acquaintances, they all died without a sound, I had no idea of the dialectic in their love lives, they were all single. Boy George (Singer/Songwriter) when interviewed once said “they were dragging people out of my apartment in bodybags.” I suspect testament to the fractured love lives and heavy drug use of friends and fellow musicians. Zoe Keating (Cellist) said someone from her high school had killed themselves on

Cursing is out of control, out of context has become a monster, the basic wisdom of the Spirit (don’t hurt yourselves or others) lost. Just because an abusive paradigm exists doesn’t mean you should use it (there are rules about cursing so ask telepathically.) In my mind it is not right to throw the first stone, more than a slight of public opinion. Why square off on someone when everyone has a Starcrossed Lover, sometimes more than one? Too many people are karmically impure because they didn’t know what they were doing in their love lives causing violence, this coupled with less employment is volatile, in the Old Economy most could at least find work. The arts market has exploded, taking the place of many “traditional” jobs giving people a past-time and hope through redemption of the Holy Spirit. Because there are so many art producers it may be more difficult to make monies as an Artist and with a majority of people suffering from artist’s rote (being karmically impure and suffering from sexual violation) increasing the likelihood of addictions, emotional/actual violence and suicide. Better mentoring, discernment and self-knowledge in love lives could prevent broken relationships, it is important to be fully socialized in the culture and in Spiritual principal, there may also be unwritten rules of the economy/culture passed on only telepathy so use the village grapevine. Cultural power paradigms should not harm others, this would create positive karmic synergies, so that the majority of the population could be in happy marriages creating inclusion, less violence and enough. The New Online Economy is a wake up call to fashion the world into a place of life, giving us back time with part-time work, parents in the home working from online jobs looking after children, the world becomes centered on family, friends and following your calling for work, often through entrepreneurship. The computerized society (with less employment) is a call for the realignment of values from defining oneself through the expensive object one has bought, the idea of drive, more and wealth to a world of spiritual wealth, family and friends, the “good life” as if everyone has been taken off the treadmill and has time for consideration and peace, a society aligned by Community and the Holy Spirit.

Rape in Western Culture/Geopolitics

“Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.”
- Andrea Dworkin (Feminist)

“White culture/geopolitics is a rape machine.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

“The violence of the Western Culture/geopolitics is so awful the Holy Spirit must intervene to create peace.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor)

(This article is dedicated to Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd.)

The following are thoughts on rape in Western Culture/geopolitics . . .

Rape is non-consensual sexual assault.

“Every 2 minutes, someone is sexually assaulted, 44% of victims are under age 18 and 80% are under age 30, 54% of sexual assaults are not reported to police, 97% of rapists never spend a day in jail, 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim, 38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.“ (American statistics from RAINN – Rape, Abuse, And Incest National Network).

As rape is usually committed by someone that was trusted, a friend or acquaintance the possibilities for emotional trauma are endless. The physical trauma of rape is one of the causes of post-traumatic stress disorder. The experience of rape compromises your safety and can make you feel frightened, helpless, sadness, anxiety and disconnection. If these traumatic feelings do not subside and you are constantly reliving the memories and there is a feeling of danger/depression you may need the help of a therapist and support group. In extreme cases people may suicide or act out violently because of serial rape relationships (when someone has a succession of too many lovers) or has been sexually assaulted without consent. To heal it helps to do Deep Process Work and blow off the feeling of violation by doing release work and physical exercise while deep breathing. It is possible to heal after rape.

The social aspects of rape may cause the victim to experience shame and a shunning by society (as if a car having been driven off the lot has decreased in value), perhaps because the act was not consensual and because it was not a longterm covenant and it may also tie in with the white culture act of bullying when someone has trespassed protocol. It does not help if friends/family play into the shame aspect and denigrate you by being mean, giving uppercuts or replaying their own experience of rape that was not properly processed with a therapist and beating you up with it.

The spiritual aspects of rape, the violence of the act creates bad karma as if having defiled the Holy Spirit and this may play a part in the shame and depression. However, in my experience the Holy Spirit does not blame the woman victim of rape by giving her karmic impurity.

The political aspects of rape, the more one suffers in broken sexual relationships, serial rape and actual rape the more they may become economic drivers. Honed workers better at their calling for work – a survival instinct in overdrive, they may become more astute more perceptive and more psychic. They also are more likely to use and abuse alcohol and drugs, may be addicts, may be violent and may experience and commit emotional and actual violence, murder and suicide. Also, the Western World seems very good at creating scapegoats, beating on a rape victim as a vent for angst creating a "safety valve" for the society so there is not full scale insurrection. Rape is part of “shock doctrine” politics that causes violence and war, feeding the armament industry, the psychiatric system and the political doctrine of capitalism with disparity issues.

Honour Rape is not honourable. Rape uses the sexual act meant for the covenant of love and bonding, ideally creating family and peace in a violent way as punishment for having contravened protocol or having caused offense creating shame, brokenness and violence. Rape takes the sexual act out of its intended Spiritus for love and peace and creates war.

It is the subjugation of women in a most heinous, destructive and violent way. I suspect by men who do not have very good communication skills and misuse their greater physical strength or by intellectual men who are not using right thinking playing into white culture rhetoric and ignoring the ways of least harm. Also men and women may understand sex differently, by its very nature women are vulnerable, they tend to be more sensitive and suffer more greatly when their trust is betrayed and a lover leaves.

Back door operators or “silent” operators – I suspect it is possible to have an “enemy” get through your door security and rape you under hypnosis – you may not realize you have been raped, unless you can pick up reliable information in the street or through dreams.

Signs you’ve been raped:

i. your “ass” is out (others, elders or psychics are be able to discern this).

ii. you may be inordinately depressed.

Theories about Back Door Operators who rape:

i. there has been a contravention of the cultural code, either by you or someone in your family.

ii. an ex-lover is looking for you.

Other theories include:

i. the homosexual community may be acting out because they cannot find male partners.

ii. rapists are picking on traditional family enemies over past or recurring slights.

iii. someone wants compliance on an issue.

iv. it is a white culture act of violence against Black people.

v. it is an act of war. “in the ass of the enemy” (may be used in hostile business takeovers or for taking over a country).

I suspect this type of rape is about compliance/frustration/hatred, it gives a false “legitimate” guise to an act of violence. So that the male rapist doesn’t have to feel badly about what he has done, it is an excuse for criminal behaviour. I suspect in traditional white culture it may be used to send a message before a hit goes down. There are rules about protection in elite families, children and the other people in the family are not at risk, if there is a severe misunderstanding the oldest person in the family may be murdered.

How to prevent Back Door Operators:

i. be on good terms with people – do not have enemies.

ii. do not associate with people of not good reputation.

ii. be certain you are fully socialized and pass on any knowledge you have (there are rules about this ask telepathically).

iii. use door security – either a hand held system, a dog or ideally an electronic door security system.

It is important not to be hypnotized, I suspect words may be used as triggers and it may be possible to be put you in a trance state where you do not remember what happens when you “wake up” and the hypnotizer has vanished.

Theories about Rapists:

- their love lives are cursed and they cannot make their love lives work in covenant

- they are between girlfriends and sexually frustrated

- they are frustrated in their calling for work

- they are picking on traditional family enemies

- they are raping their last girlfriend

- their soul colors are discordant, giving an essence of violence

- they were not socialized in an understanding of respect for women or an understanding of the Holy Spirit

- they are enemy agents

- they are punishing someone, usually a woman for breaking protocol (the rules of behaviour of their elite family, if they have even been socialized or they may know the rules and be perceived as acting out and causing trouble (murder and disaster) which may get you branded as an “enemy agent”).

It is important to not get branded as an “Enemy Agent.”

- because you could indirectly be an impetus for violence it damages your reputation (it is important to have a good reputation or you may not get job opportunities, your business may not be successful, you may lose friends, you may not get a marriage partner or a family and you may be cursed and/or raped in the open by your lovers (date rape) or surreptiously while you sleep under hypnosis.)

- the village grapevine may not work for you – people may not keep you informed of what you need to know (protocol infractions, news) you may get an upper cut everywhere you go, you are cast as an enemy of the Community and the state.

- you may not get the help you need when you need it (e.g. healthcare).

Being cast as an enemy agent puts you on a war footing with the Community, the Elite and the Country, it is important to follow the rules of your elite family and the culture. (so ask a lot of questions in my experience it is best to tell the truth about everything, elders can discern the truth - it is not possible to lie about anything for an extended period of time, in my experience eventually everything comes to light through the Holy Spirit).

The whiteface culture/geopolitics is obscene. People may have plans for you and expect you to follow those plans. Not socializing an elite young adult or a young adult who contravenes the rules of culture sets the child up for compliance in his love life, there may be elite security paradigms where people are expected to marry facecard doubles. Someone once told me everything happens for a reason, people who come into your life are either gifts or lessons. It is an unwritten Facist code that punishes people, the more people suffer, the more they become economic drivers. This violent cursehold system makes people whores, soldiers, clergy, government agents, artists, and Hollywood people, and/or they may follow their calling for work looking for karmic redemption. It is a patriarchy that abuses people particularly women and I suspect minorities. In my experience men and women understand sex differently, most women are more sensitive then men and suffer up to 10 times more than a man when a relationship breaks. Ideally men are the protector, giving love and sex in a consensual relationship. Rape as punishment casts the man as judge, jury and executioner, the abuser of power. The idea of “legitimate” rape or “honour rape” is a misnomer, it sets women up who may not be socialized properly or who are vulnerable. Ideally the entire white cursehold culture/geopolitics would never connect in violence in real time. The system is a way for men to act out and blame others for their violent actions under a legitimate guise, the protocol trespasser may have their love life lost or misconstrued. If the perceived trespasser is a woman she may be cursed, bullied and become a rape victim, actually or in serial rape relationships and possibly a whore. Because she is perceived as having caused trespass she may be without a marriage partner, sometimes they are intimidating women to take a “lesser” partner (or a facecard consideration) or it is the way a “low” male can denigrate a woman they are not meant for by intimidating her to have sex with him, because there has been trouble she may not have a family of her own.

People who are cursed, forced to have multiple lovers are in my opinion in a serial rape situation. The result of cursing someone’s love life could be the curser’s or the one who is cursed drug addiction, violence or suicide. As the rape victim has been desecrated and experiences the violation as a violence, it is important to do release work to process the anger of trespass. This violent social phenomenon plays into the capitalist economy creating economic drivers.

The vast majority of people should be in a happy covenant marriage either to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited lover, following their calling for love. Education is also important so people are fully socialized and aware of the sacred nature of sex and love, and the severe emotional damage rape creates so that it will not happen. This as well as a negating of the white cultural/geopolitical cursehold so that the violence of this system does not connect in real time (the onus is on the perpetrator of the violence directly, not on some faux-political order system). Whatever noblesse oblige or honour of the white culture system has long gone with the incredible violence of wars/geopolitics and the brokenness and suffering of rape victims in addictions, suicide and murder. Happy marriages, better education and a non-violent cultural/geopolitical system may go a long way to creating less violence, freeing people from bullying, rape, murder and suicide and lost or misconstrued love lives, lessening suffering. If everyone were happy in their love life, life becomes a celebration, a dance with the Spirit as the Creator intended.

Gays and the Gay Community

“It is like eating too much cake.”
- George Sand (Author, Bon Vivant)

“The vast majority of people are not gay - you just have to look at the equipment to know straight sex was meant to be. better mentoring.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover – the world is over constructed.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Sometimes vanilla sex is best . . . if you defile your lover sexually, you may lose respect for each other, the relationship may break.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are some thoughts on gays and the gay community.

Traditionally people who were gay were disabused (as I suspect anyone who was different). As a reaction to this disabuse the gays became politicized promoting a queer culture that became a role model. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover (if they survive childhood and if you are lucky enough to meet them (and in my experience they are usually right in front of you)) and they are always of the opposite sex. People often question their sexuality for unhappy reasons, usually they have emotional wounds from their original families and/or have had emotionally painful experiences with lovers and need to do some emotional healing work (Deep Process workers are very highly recommended because they have done their own emotional work), if you are not straight afterwards you at least will be a very emotionally healthy queer. Sometimes people have traumatic or unhappy experiences with their love lives, or rape issues that may make them consider becoming queer. Another scenario is you have been cast as an enemy agent and your Lovers are not committed to staying with you, making you a rape victim and you consider becoming queer. Again emotional healing through Deep Process work and prayer helps. I suspect most people just need some luck finding an opposite sex partner (get on the Internet and network your social contacts) you just have to look at the equipment to know that straight sex was meant to be.

There is an unofficial litmus test or hormonal scale that can indicate if you are queer or not (this is empathic, just ask for input in the street, from friends, elders). This litmus test is only for someone of fully formed character (at least 18 years old and sometimes you are reading whoever they are thinking about (or whoever is on their line telepathically)). Sometimes young people are just unwritten upon sexually and this unoffical impression is not really applicable. In my experience for a successful physical gay relationship it helps to not be too sensitive and have skewed hormones (if a woman, high male hormones and if a man, high female hormones). I suspect it is possible to give non-sexual massage and have a close emotional same sex relationship without defiling the font.

Being queer is basically an economic lure, gays usually suffer emotionally so incredibly they experience "the Jewish effect" and become economic drivers. It may be difficult to make a homosexual relationship work longterm because in sexual terms they may be defiling the font (which creates negative karma) which could cause you to lose respect for each other and the relationship could break. If you are gay it is important to remember that there are social mores (rules of culture) around being queer (ask questions even just telepathically) there are unofficial rules about coming out so ask around telepathically – you never know when you’re going to meet your exact blood type in the opposite sex and you wouldn’t want your happiness to be abrogated.

And as in any love relationship it is important to know yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. It is also important to know your partner, are they really gay or just acting out from their broken straight relationships. It is also important to remember that broken hearts and having serial love relationships can create emotional violence which sometimes spills over into actual violence, so the less misunderstandings and broken hearts the better.

In order to have a happy love life it is important to be educated in and have an understanding of the Religious Mysteries. There is no reason for people to suffer so incredibly because of their broken love lives. The discernment prayer (for choosing a straight marriage partner if you miss your Starcrossed Lover) and the Prayer for Pining when a relationship has broken help to create peace. Also if you miss your Starcrossed Lover and decide to settle on someone else, it is important that your psychology be complementary and most of your primary favourite colours or soul colours match (the more colours that you both share as favourites, the better karma for the relationship) (see How to Discern the Perfect Marriage).

People should not be made scapegoat because of their love lives, people's personal lives are their own (yet exist within the context of their associates, families, the Community and the Society) and life is a journey and a learning experience. Better discernment and mentoring is key to preventing the emotional violence of broken relationships.

In earlier times during the days of the agricultural economy (B.C. to 1800's) children were encouraged to talk to each other to find their Starcrossed Lovers. With the celebration of the May Pole I suspect everyone knew pretty much what they were doing, anyone left without a Starcrossed Lover became Clergy, joined the Army, became a Bard or travelled to other places to find a life partner. I also think there may have been some misunderstandings but I do not think the Community was as broken as it became in the modern world. They were basically virgins on their wedding day being married to their Starcrossed Lover or more suited Lover for their lifetimes, creating much positive karmic energy within a preservation of the sacred and the pure magic of a spiritual/physical union. Ask a lot of questions, learn about dating rituals, be educated in cultural mores and Life ways, respect other people's boundaries, practice forgiveness and attempt to stay karmically pure. By defiling the font in a gay relationship (after just one relationship) you may turn karmically impure (heard in the street) and also by having more than 5 lovers of the opposite sex. Karmic purity I suspect is important so that you do not suffer greatly in relationship and may be important for having a happy family with children, or having a longterm covenant, also there may be cultural rules around karmic purity.

Even if one is karmically impure it is not impossible to make a relationship work (it is just difficult, it is important to do your own emotional work, prayer etc., be very well suited and be determined to stay in a committed relationship) plus over time karmic redemption may be possible through a true calling for art, service or work. These suggestions, and some networking and luck will lessen the emotional violence of broken relationships and lead to happier and healthier love lives.

The Cure for Depression:
When a Lover Leaves or When You’ve Had too Many Lovers

"I tried to commit suicide by sticking my head in an oven but there was a cake in it."
- Lesley Boone (Actress)

"If I had not been already been meditating, I would certainly have had to start. I've treated my own depression for many years with exercise and meditation, and I've found that to be a tremendous help."
- Judy Collins (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

“If they could put happy love life in a bottle it would sell a million.“
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

How to cure depression from having too many lovers or when a lover leaves you (also a good article on suicide prevention) . . .

Sex with too many lovers, sexual defilement, sex in serial relationships, sexual abuse, rape and the break-up of a marriage can cause sexual violation issues and negative karma which can lead to anger issues and depression. If you have sexual violation issues there are many things you can do to feel better and create positive affect, your love life need not be permanently ruined.

There are certain rules of karma around a sexual relationship, sex is the sacred physical union of a man and woman in which it is possible to be touched by the Holy Spirit, as if experiencing Heaven on earth. The woman’s hymen is a physical sign of a spiritual covenant – I suspect in the Agricultural economy the first marriage, usually to your Starcrossed Lover, was meant to last for your entire life. (However this may not be possible with the unofficial rules of love lives/the economy in modern times.) Sexually defiling each other, anal sex, possibly oral sex, possibly physical manipulation of your genitals by someone else could be karmically negative and cause you to lose respect for each other making the relationship break. After having sex with 5 different lovers or sex with one same sex lover (heard from the street) there is a visualization from the Holy Spirit that you are karmically impure, I suspect this makes it difficult for a future sexual relationship to work in the longterm. It takes about 20 years of following your calling for work/an arts calling to find karmic redemption and then I suspect it is possible to have a peaceful love life in covenant if you can find a suitable partner. Women are the font and which needs to be filled regularly in covenant to keep good karma and positive affect (no depression). Women need to be protected in relationship in a well-suited covenant relationship or married to their Starcrossed Lover. This means they need to have a good working relationship with their man and need to have sex regularly. It is a good idea to talk about family planning and use birth control. In uncertain times, it is always good to know what you are doing in relationship, if you do not have an ensured income or are being cursed and in serial relationships it is always good to make informed decisions about having children. It is not fair to bring children into very conflicted situations. Every child a wanted child, well looked after and socialized with love.

Men and women may understand sex differently – for a man it may be like a handshake, they can roll over and they just had physical exercise for most women it is like finding the enchanted garden and being home and to be without this special love relationship is like being in oblivion. In my experience about half of all men can have serial sexual relationships and not suffer too much, while it is only about 5 % of all women who can “jump” successfully.

Sexual violation issues can lead to anger and depression or artist’s rote: fighting anger, and acting in (suicide) or acting out and becoming violent.

How to deal with sexual violation issues:

- ask yourself what you need and give it to yourself.

- go to bed and sleep for 3 or 4 days or for 6 months or for however long it takes (with just minimum maintenance, going to the bathroom and taking some food) until you start to feel better, sleep is very healing.

- release work: blow the anger off by doing physical exercise and deep breathing. (it also helps to pray for God to take the anger away from you as you do this).

- turn up the radio and scream as you do physical exercise and deep breathing (it is a good idea to let people know that this is therapy so they do not call 911). (and also pray that God take the anger away.)

- in-depth conversation/therapy with someone you love who will not scapegoat you or with a Deep Process Worker (when in therapy with a good Deep Process Worker it is possible to have hugs and organic Pot-Luck Dinners).

- get a hug.

- get the endorphins going: rub the inside of your right hand, eat sugar or carbohydrates (anything that turns to sugar when it hits the bloodstream)(this may not be very healthy but in a crisis situation can take the edge off).

- eat the magic foods: chocolate or meat/fish or ice cream or any food you have a yen for.

- get a blood test, you may have nutritional deficiencies (such as low iron in the blood) that can be corrected with a vitamin, supplement or just by adding a particular food with that element to your diet and this in turn can make your physical health better which can make your emotional health better.

- drink herbal tea remedies for depression - particularly good is lavendar tea.

- do meditation/yoga and deep breathing.

- take a long walk.

- prayer – talk to God; get someone to do the Pining Prayer (not your ex-lover if you hope to get back with them) or the Healing Prayer through the walls (ask questions telepathically). there are various prayers for healing.

- ask your friends and family to pray for you.

- give a donation at a church and ask the church people to pray for you. if you are very conflicted emotionally with a lot of bad karma from sleeping around and maybe cursing get an excorcism from the Catholic Church.

- pray for the ancestors. make a sojourn to visit the graves of those that have passed in your family, or famous icons you admire. Say prayers and leave flowers/gifts on their graves.

- celebrate all Holidays. even if it is just to have some special food and say a prayer. perhaps get together with friends/family. you should probably not work on Sunday.

- get a massage.

- take a hot bath or get to the whirlpool/Hot Springs.

- go to the Spa or make an at-home pedicure/facial.

- if you are really steaming, hot and burning from the bad karma from the sexual violation/violence take a cold shower or a cold bath. (usually after 2 weeks to a month after the sexual assault and when needed)

- do journaling/writing.

- write a gratitude journal, giving thanks for the good things in your life.

- read and practice daily affirmations. (like a horoscope).

- immerse yourself in a reading list. read all your favourite poetry, novels, comics.

- practice your calling for the arts and make some big, beautiful art.

- look at your favourite art – go to your local Museum/Art Gallery or browse the Internet.

- “colour therapy” – look at your favourite colours (maybe repaint the living space or get some new clothes in your favourite colours).

- listen to and sing your favourite music or write a song.

- look at your favourite flowers (take up growing orchids or your favourite flower).

- be around healing nature, bodies of water and trees are very healing. go for a walk in the woods.

- watch fireworks. very uplifting but usually only in season.

- sit under a sunlight/heat lamp bulb (you can get them at the hardware store for under $10) – this is especially good in winter when natural light levels are low.

- hold and pet a dog or cat (or look at pictures of your favourite pets on the Internet).

- get a new perspective: do some goal setting, take up a new project or past-time something you can get excited about. Figure out your Mission from God (sometimes revealed in dreams) and follow your calling for work (take an aptitude test) and love.

- use soft organic drugs to take the edge off – cannibas drinks are good to aid sleep, L-tyrosine is a mood elevator (an amino acid that increases serotonin).

- have no enemies – do not trespass against God or the Community, live in a curse free zone. If a relationship is stressed, make amends and do some consciousness raising, make peace, however if the relationship is emotionally or physically violent it may be better to walk away, at least think good thoughts to them and make peace telepathically and in prayer. Thinking positive thoughts, saying positive words, doing positive works will create good karma which will create positive affect and make you feel better, creating healing synergies. Do good works (perhaps do volunteer work).

- mend your love life in happy covenant.

These suggestions are all natural/inexpensive ways to heal the depression and anger of sexual violation after having had too many lovers. Sometimes people use drugs and alcohol to feel better but after the initial high they are usually depressed the next day which adds to their emotional pain (however, it may be helpful in moderation to take the edge off.) If you have tried everything and are still in a really bad way you may consider seeing a psychiatrist and getting some medication. Time heals all wounds, it may take years of Deep Process Work, taking good care of yourself, prayer and possibly being celibate but it is possible to regain your mental health and a new perspective. It also helps healing to not trespass against the Holy Spirit or the Community, don’t hurt each other and have positive thoughts, words and actions creating good karma and healing synergies which will make you feel better. It is even possible to heal in intimate relationship but it is important that the marriage be very well-suited and in covenant so you are not sexually wounded again through a break up.

St. Valentine’s Day Revisited:
A Summary

“Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.”
- Samuel Lover (Novelist, Dramatist, Songwriter, Painter)

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.”
- Mother Teresa (Catholic Nun, Humanitarian)

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.”
- Thomas Carlyle (Philosopher, Writer, Historian, Teacher)

“Love is largely an illusion, unless star-crossed or very well suited . . . affairs of the heart are free.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Collective Unconscious connects everyone through thoughts, people can shadow you and know what you are doing and thinking.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Collective Unconscious can connect everyone to God, the Angels and the Spirit World through thoughts.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Life is magic . . . like a fairytale.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“The Holy Spirit sings to us in the background of our lives.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are some thoughts on love, St. Valentine’s Day Revisited . . .

Love is the driving force of human nature, it mends us when we are broken, it keeps us from loneliness and inspires us to creative endeavours and good works. If someone could invent a happy marriage that lasted forever, it would be priceless, a gift of good health, harmony and peace. Most of what is wrong with the world stems from the fact that a majority of people are not in longterm happy marriages with their Starcrossed or most suited lover. When people are not happy in their love lives, they may develop addictions and suicide behavior. The family unit becomes unhealthy, the emotional issues of the parents are visited on the children and the children may not be socialized properly or may be more likely to have emotional problems and be psychiatric. The cornerstone of society is the family unit, a healthy family creates safety and happy functioning members of the Community. Often love lives are like obstacle courses, it is important to stay karmically pure, be positively mentored and discerned and avoid cursing and being cursed. The goal is a longterm covenant relationship creating happiness, stability and peace. The good karma from these relationships would theoretically mend the world, the love and happiness creating wealth and enough.

Haven’t seen your Lover in a week, wondering where the relationship is going, if you still have a relationship? Someone stormed out of your life and you don’t know what happened? You’ve been celibate for 10 years and haven’t met anyone interesting, the biological clock is ticking? You secretly wonder if your family has plans for you, are you going to end up celibate in the Church, or being honed in serial relationships so you become an economic driver running their businesses (if you don’t suicide) or with some cabbage head person as a husband who is from a family your parents are friends with? You secretly wonder if your ex-lovers have plans for you or have cursed you? What could be going wrong with your primary relationship, Dear Reader, read on . . .

First and foremost, it is not the love you can find it is the love you can keep.

You need to consult with your family, friends and associates and in the street to see if they have information that will affect if you can keep your lover. Sometimes people have specs they don't know about, may be cursed or may have "house" considerations. It can be anathema to make love to your Star-crossed or more suited lover on a SignfromGod and have to leave causing grave depression and suicide. It is best to be happily married on a positive SignfromGod in your first 5 lovers before you turn karmically impure.

How to stay out of trouble with your lovers.

Know thyself through feedback, if you are sensitive or if you can have serial sexual relationships without suffering too much, however God sent everyone a Starcrossed Lover or a lover on a positive SignfromGod, until death do you part in covenant. Know the cultural rote and The Holy Spirit rules. Always announce your sexual resume befor an affair, if you have specs or are cursed (sometimes this just occurs in telepathy). In my opinion, never curse someone out first. Never square off on someone. Always get the lay of the land, if you are thinking about marrying consult family and friends to know if the love relationship can last longterm. Better discernment in lovers can eliminate up to 75% of conflicted and unsuitable affairs. If someone doesn't understand the cultural rules give them some help and get them to read On Love and Marriage in the New Age. It is not alright to sucker punch lovers. Never leave a lover with empty hands, big gifts, poetry, a child, a promise of coffee can be positive. Stay in touch with people who help you and those who are your favourites.

All your lovers keep leaving.

1. You may be cursed and not realize it (stay in the social loop from high school, university, ask a lot of questions, someone may have plans for you, you don’t know about).

2. You may not be socialized enough and may be scaring your boyfriends/girlfriends (ask a lot of questions).

3. You may need better mentoring and discernment in picking your lover (you may be attracted to them but they may not be suited to you).

4. Stay away from traditional family enemies or anyone who may have something against you or your family unless Starcrossed Lovers or very well suited.

Everyone wants to sleep with you.

1. You may be very attractive or something is wrong (and the men in the Community are making you karmically impure. Ask a lot of questions, find out what is going on).

No one wants to sleep with you.

You may be a different cultural or psychological type or you may be cursed and not know it. It is best to network with people who are cousins and/or the same psychological type (people in the same line of work) or a complementary psychological type. If you are from a different culture it may be best to go to the place your family is from, or a place where your family has people and find a suitable cousin for marriage.

If you are thinking of becoming gay.

1. Get some insight/healing counseling. Often people who think they are gay are emotionally wounded from childhood and need to heal. There may have been issues with the same sex parent.

2. You never know when you are going to meet someone of the opposite sex who is a good match. Network, even people who think they are gay have a Starcrossed Lover of the opposite sex. Sometimes it is a matter of finding that Yin/Yang person of the opposite sex. (There are also important cultural rules about “coming out”, ask in the street).

3. Truly gay people often have hormonal difficulties. You can get an unofficial reading from people in the street or from people who know you. (If you do go this route, practice the least blasphemy possible in sexual relations, otherwise the relationship may break). These readings may not apply if you are inexperienced sexually, sometimes people are just unwritten upon.

Someone with power and influence wants to sleep with you but you are not interested.

1. Tell them why you are not interested (your soul colours/favourite colours don’t match, you are not the same psychological type, you are happily married etc.) and don’t have anymore contact with them if they are insistent.

2. Curry your contacts and rely on your friends if this person is insistent and screwing up your life. Let people know what is going on.

You or your husband/wife is thinking of having an affair.

1. You may need counseling for this.

2. By exploring and clearing your emotions about the situation you will best be able to decide what to do. Are you bored with your primary relationship? Was it not mentored or discerned properly? Is the person you are considering having an affair with a better match? Sometimes people move from relationship to relationship not mending the issues that present themselves becoming karmically impure (I suspect when someone is karmically impure it is more difficult to make a relationship work unless very well suited).

In my opinion everything should be out in the open, it is cleaner with less surprises. Like meeting your Starcrossed lover after you are married, I would give the marriage partner the option of leaving and finding another partner or staying in the marriage while you have a mistress, so it is a satellite marriage, a husband and 2 wives.

To me karmic purity and covenant is important it keeps people from emotional violence, addictions and suicide. Affairs of the heart are free. If the marriage breaks or cannot be reconciled it is important not to curse each other more than a slight of public opinion. True affairs of the heart are also the greatest friendships.

You or your husband/wife is thinking of leaving the marriage.

1. You may need counseling.

2. It helps to discover your feelings about your marriage and do some clearing (release work). Are you unhappy in the marriage? Was the marriage mentored and discerned positively? (you may not be well suited enough to sustain an intimate relationship) Are you karmically impure? (may make it difficult to sustain a marriage). Do you need to do emotional clearing and not take your emotional baggage out on your partner? Do you spend too much or not enough time together? Is your sex life good? If the couple are well suited, counseling and release work may help the marriage.

What do you do if you’re in love with a close family member? (a first cousin, an aunt or uncle, a sister or brother).

When a young adult it is best to disseminate and network to find your Starcrossed or most suited lover. There also may be unofficial rules so ask around (even if it is just in thoughts). With brothers and sisters the Holy Spirit will intervene and send a SignfromGod (it is empathic) that makes you just want to protect each other in filial or nonsexual love. This is too close incest.

With first cousin marriages you may need genetic counseling because the genetics is so close there could be increased chances of certain hereditary diseases in children. There are different laws about first cousin marriages, sometimes it is allowed, sometimes not. In my opinion if you are older and haven’t been able to find a partner and are not brother and sister, just don’t have children but there are probably cultural and state house rules about this, ask around. Affairs of the heart are free.

N.B.: One of the worst cosmic happenstances is when a Starcrossed Lover from a past life turns up as a brother/sister or an aunt/uncle (there is no cosmic sign around it but you may have insights from dreams). It may be a karmic reckoning (innocents may have died or been hurt in that lifetime) but there is also redemption in finding your Starcrossed Lover in this lifetime.

What do you do if you are in love with one of your teachers from school?

If this is a serious matter, wait until your are 18 years old and figure out what is going on (are they single? are they cursed? are they waiting for someone? are they in a happy marriage?) I know of a high school girl who married her biology teacher, of a university student who married her philosophy professor and a librarian who married his teacher from high school. Always stay in touch with your favourite teachers, sometimes their situations change and if a relationship develops it may be possible to marry.

You need to network, expand your contacts and find your Starcrossed Lover or most suited lover.

Are their special considerations for Inter-racial Dating?

Yes. When men are karmically pure and white, they may have no intention of marrying or giving a Black woman a child. If you are Black, and a potential lover is known as a white supremacist do not contemplate them. Some men are players, when they are young they do not understand the nature of the sensitive, vulnerable woman. A woman’s love is like the feathered inside of a coloured glass orb, it is special and not something to be played with. It is important to know and understand each other's intentions so that you do not end up in an ended intimate relationship (with all the anger and depression). If the man is karmically impure he may be marrying “out”, it is good to be clear about intentions.

If you are settling know yourself very well, do the checklist for discerning a happy covenant marriage and have an understanding of the cultural/political/Spirit rules.

Be socialized in the culture.

Know thyself. Know the karmic/cultural rules around having a lover, there is always more, ask a lot of questions. If a rule exists (learned in childhood, in school or from reliables) you can believe it, what happens in private spaces will catch up with you in public spaces. Better than watching television, is the public game of “truant” and dragging people back to someone they’ve promised to be with or castigating someone for cursing someone. It is a bad game that can end in rape, suicide, murder or violence and feeds a death culture. A slight of public opinion can get someone disabused (an upper cut) and the doubles of the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in rotation in front of you every time you leave the house. Most people just need better mentoring and discernment, so their love relationship will not break or at least end amicably. When a young adult contemplating love, it is important to have an intimate love relationship in the intention of longterm in covenant but it is not realistic to expect the first intimate relationship to last (currently because of political rules but there may be exceptions of influence/monies). It is also important to not defile your lover sexually, or the relationship may break. You get 5 chances with 5 different lovers before you become karmically impure, the trick is to get it right in the first 5 relationships, then hopefully you aren’t dragged into a longterm horror scene of being karmically impure, with either serial lovers and/or long periods of celibacy. Taking a Lover who is on their 5th Lover can be anathema because if the Love Affair does not become a longterm happy covenant they will be karmically impure with all the suffering that entails. Become informed, do not feed the war economy.

Fated Lovers or Starcrossed Lovers. Fated Lovers or Starcrossed Lovers are perfectly suited; the same or similar psych types and the majority of their soul colours match in the same value, they may be distant cousins and they may be lovers from a past life. This is the ideal love relationship with a Sign from God, it is meant to be in covenant and longterm, until death do you part.

Beware “Princess/Prince" Syndrome.

Men or women who attempt to claim you, cursing you, as if keeping a bird in a gilded cage. The sad result of these situations is often people get into serial relationships (becoming rape victims) and may end up in suicide or whoever threw the curse suicides. Sometimes people become reflected schizophrenics. Sometimes people become so broken they end up with who claimed them, but it is like blood sport, its not the kind of thing you do to someone you really care about and usually you are not perfectly suited anyway. Often young people do not understand personal boundaries and the cultural paradigm very well, so they may try to claim someone that is not suitable for them. Sometimes it is easy to tell if you are attracted to someone but less easy to tell if they are attracted to you (the Discernment Prayer for marriage may help plus the inventory for discernment in marriage). If someone is not suited to you leave them alone. Sometimes people will try to “claim” someone, don’t. Everyone has a Starcrossed Lover or most suited Lover. Claiming someone who is not suited to you is like putting someone in prison (and you as well), just say no. If they tell you they are not for you, believe it.

You and your Loved One don’t have the same Intentions or goals.

This is a matter of priorities, what each of you perceives as important. If your goals are divergent, stay in touch as friends, sometimes situations change. If someone you are attracted to says they are not ready to settle down yet, believe it, keep looking for a better suited lover and keep in touch, maybe their intentions will change in time or you may find someone else. It is important not to get your intentions crossed or you could be setting someone up for a suicide bid. There are white culture signs from your boyfriend so that you know what you’re doing (if you want to sleep with him) before getting married. However, it is quite involved and in my opinion it is easier for him to verbally just state his intentions, and very refreshing, since immigrants and people without influence may not know or understand these unofficial rules. Both people are required to be truthful about where they have been at least in thoughts, it is called “the lay of the land”, if they have been cursed and what this means. It is an unofficial honour system, that if contravened can get you into serious trouble. Violation of these rules can cause an uppercut situation or worse, they are sancrosanct. And in my opinion it is a sucker punch when you are young if you do not know yourself well enough or if you have not been instructed properly. There is an underlying game of “us” vs. “them” in the background as agents from different countries may try to break each other sexually, as to marry you need to be the same political affiliation. Also, traditional family enemies may be looking to sexually break you. My take on the entire scene is just marry your Starcrossed Lover but there may be special considerations.

What if you become karmically impure.

This happens after too many opposite sex lovers (more than 5) or one same sex lover (heard from the street) on a Sign from God. It is an unofficial sin to leave someone if you are their 5th lover, after you, they are karmically impure. (Sometimes they will go back to one of their previous lovers). Being karmically impure can be big emotional suffering in your love life but it is not the end of the world. It is easier to handle being karmically impure if you are not too sensitive. It is possible to still be a Saint and be karmically impure, it is possible to be karmically redeemed through an arts calling or a calling for work. You may just have to marry “out” or someone who you are not related to (there are cultural rules about this, ask telepathically). Because of the suffering involved you may develop special talents as recompense from the Holy Spirit for not having a happy covenant love life.

Hopefully all your relationships were good love affairs of the heart. An ex-lover (one of the first 5) could wander back to you or take you as a second, so that you could have children and an extended family. Or you could marry someone (if you haven’t been cursed) but it might be emotionally difficult, so your Loved One should be really well suited, karmically pure or a Starcrossed lover (and there are rules about marrying “out” ask telepathically). If you just sit back, keep networking to look for a partner, keep in dialogue with your ex lovers and not curse anyone more than a slight of public opinion, ideally your love life and the love life of your ex lovers would be resolved over time (my reasonable guess is over 10 years) in karmic purity.

If you are being cursed or have become karmically impure through too many lovers.

If someone curses you – ask telepathically – different cultures different rules, give at least a slight of public opinion. Pick up a musical instrument, get out on the street and give public performances and/or follow your calling for work. Take up an arts calling (art, music, writing . . . ), take some courses, practice the arts calling and skill will develop, eventually you may create original works and make your work public, it is possible to find karmic redemption from the Holy Spirit and become karmically pure again. If you are righteous and don’t return the curse more than a slight of public opinion it creates better karma (there are different strategies, ask telepathically). In any case it may be a longterm campaign.

If you are cursed and considering taking lovers.

Some people if not too sensitive can handle having serial relationships, my guess is about half of all men and about 3% of women (but I do not think this is the way God meant us to live). For women there is an empathic Sign on if you can have serial sexual relationships without being severely hurt, they are usually very practical people. Remember everytime you take a lover and leave, you are making them and yourself karmically impure. Ask others opinion on how sensitive you are, if you are too sensitive you will not be able to have serial relationships without becoming too heartbroken. Karmic impurity and the brokenness from broken love lives (i.e. love lives not lived in covenant with a most suited or Starcrossed Lover) creates a war machine; sorrow, anger, addictions, mental patients, violence, homicide and suicide. Always be honest with your lover(s) otherwise you could ruin your reputation and lead your lover astray. It is important to have a good reputation or it may influence whether you find another lover. Know them very well and be clear about intentions. The less broken hearts, the less trouble, use the Pining Prayer when the relationship breaks to lessen emotional pain (there are rules about this, it should probably be done through the walls and not by the leaving lover or someone you hope to have a love affair with, ask telepathically). It is important to know when the love affair is over. In my experience do not leave your female lover with empty hands, sometimes it is good to have children and/or poetry/music/art or a large gift of some kind to give to the lover you are leaving.

If you have a propensity for serial sexual relationships (or have been cursed) it is important that you ask God in a prayer what is going to happen to a potential lover if you make love to them (usually with the person in front of you). If the person is going to commit suicide you may get a SignfromGod. If the person is a big Spirit Saint and suicides you could lose karmic purity or not come in on karmic redemption. If the person is a good call and suicides, you could gain karmic purity and come in on karmic redemption.

If a Lover curses you, instead of taking more lovers.

It is sometimes best to give a slight of public opinion, practice your calling for work or art and wait until the love argument is resolved (either s/he forgives you or s/he forgives you and has found someone else – different cultures, different rules) before finding another lover. Usually after 3 lovers, someone wants to keep you and there could be trouble, so you may need to become celibate until the situation is resolved. If a Lover leaves you and curses you. At least give a slight of public opinion. Traditionally, people may play tit for tat, in my opinion it is a bad scene and innocents may be hurt. Cursing shouldn’t be longterm or permanent, yet may be, never throw the first curse more than public opinion. Do some grief/anger work with release work, positive dialogue with a therapist/friends/family, exercise, meditation/yoga, practice your calling for work/art, prayer. Network for a new lover (Internet, school, work, family, friends, friends of friends, Speed dating etc.) and keep in touch, sometimes true affairs of the heart will wander back to you. It is also important to remember that you get 5 chances with different partners or one consummated affair with a same sex lover before you become karmically impure, it is important to not feed the war machine. And ask a lot of questions (even if telepathically), there is always more to know.

Love is a requisite for life itself, not having a happy love life, a well-suited marriage in covenant to a Starcrossed or most suited lover is a grievous hurt. Well discerned marriages that are happy could create peace, stronger Community, wealth and enough in the Online Economy. Mentoring and discernment in love is important, it is good to cultivate friendships with trustworthy older or wiser people who can help. Also psychic readings from reliables can tell you if and when you will meet your Starcrossed Lover (these readings can be from the Holy Spirit if no one psychically interferes) sometimes you just need to ask telepathically in the street. In my experience I had met the majority of my Starcrossed Lovers by the time I was 18 years old. And there are rules about cursing, ask around (just in thoughts), ideally the instrument of culture would never connect in more than a slight of public opinion.

Happy longterm covenant relationships would promote better mental health and happier families, better raised children, create stronger families/Community, less violence, less suicide, less murder, less mental patients, less drug addicts and alcoholics, less street people, less prison house people and weight would be taken off the healthcare/welfare system.

Beware the multiple lover/economic driver scene, it creates wealth on a surface level and violence, addictions, suicide, murder, apathy, debt and war, ask a lot of questions. It is never right to do great harm for good, it is an oxymoron and creates karmic dissonance. Happy covenant marriage is the answer for World Peace.

It is also important to get more input from family, friends, elders, psychics, and people in the street.

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