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"A writer once said you should approach your art calling as if it is a lover, secret meetings, gifts of chocolate and honey, special lace underwear. Letters from Winter, it is sort of a tell-all of my university years in my young adulthood, sort of a raincloud notebook and the entire work was sparked by the death of Leonard Cohen. I love his poetry and music and he and his work is a huge influence on my writing. When his death was announced me and a friend attended the vigil outside his home on Marianne Street and the magic of the Muse of Montreal became the inspiration, as this book began to write. This book is also a tell-all, brushing with my first experiences with sex and the Canadian establishment. After 20 years of celibacy my aloneness was beginning to get to me. It is written in French as well as English. This book of poetry is in the esprit of the New Age Renaissance Republic of Poetry, a great read into the long night."

- Subterranean Blue Poetry

"Be a part of the Montreal underground, Be a Subterranean Blue Poetry imprint"

"all the poetry, everywhere"

“for those subterranean blues”

“dans calme,

les rues gris,

à travers la pluie d'hiver . . ."

il est assis sur le rempart en pierre

par la rivière bleue


en gris

(tu peux trouver l'amour partout

si il te trouve)

comment le monde devient plus calme,

le calme

le chick correa

shay chat

mon chat de marmalade

sauvé de la mêlée de rats

peut-être juste haut à bedlam

et au-delà

le infernal fed

dans les rues

g.g. filles

et boîte opéra

quelques bougie boîte cathédrale

(mais comment pourrait-il être allé,

maintenant que nous sommes solitaire)

o' chansons,

chansons au clair de lune,

le calme,

et chansons

vers le bas à le tote

une route britannique

ravins de lapin rouge

chaud l’été en l’hiver

couronne cling gloire

confédéré dans Doc Holiday livre


le compadre

serenade à la torche

glisses arrière les voiles

et froide comme une chambre d'hôtel bleue non éclairée

bleu dans les chambres d'hôtel

et tout était parti


et Symington

(trucs sales dans le somber

le sombre elle

le sombre elle

rien de rien

la couronne du Lévitique

elle est un ornement d'arbre

armure Brésilienne blanche

le merdre de cheval

et bleu,

bleu est le ciel.

o' chansons,

chansons au clair de lune,

le calme,

et chansons

de la déesse qui vit dans la lune.

"in quiet,

the grey streets,

through winter rain . . ."

he sits on the stone rampart

by the blue river

the shadow

in grey

(you can find love everywhere

if he finds you)

how the world becomes more quiet,

the quiet

the chick correa

shay cat

my marmalade cat

saved from rat melee

maybe just up to bedlam

and beyond

the infernal fed

in the streets

g.g. girls

and box opera

some candlebox cathedral

(but how could he be gone,

now that we’re lonely)

o’ songs,

songs in the moonlight,

the quiet,

and songs

down at le tote

a British highway

red rabbit gullies

hot Summer in winter

crown clung glory

confederate in Doc Holiday book


the compadre

torchlight serenade

slips behind veils

and cold like an unlit blue hotel room

blue in hotel rooms

and everything was gone


and Symington

(dirty tricks in the dark)

the dark she

the dark she

nothing from nothing

the crown of Leviticus

she is a tree ornament

white Brazilian armour

the horse hocky

and blue,

blue is the sky.

o’ songs,

songs in the moonlight,

the quiet,

and songs

from the goddess that lives in the moon.

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