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"A New Age Book of Poetry by Rebecca Anne Banks. Letters from Ixtapa is the story of an ancient MesoAmerican society that practiced human sacrifice, the story of Tchlechan, the poetry influenced by the painting “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso. It is a long poem about the rise and fall of an evil society based on violent precepts, a battle between good and evil. This poetry pocketbook also contains the long poems Confessions of a Soldier: when love is war and other insouciancies and Aphrodite’s Daughter: the history of the world Part 56. Confessions of a Soldier is inspired by St. Joseph, the unknown soldier and videos of war zones in Afghanistan, presenting the calling of the Artist as an alternative to war. Aphrodite’s Daughter is inspired by photographs from wartorn Chechnya at the beginning of the 21st century, presenting war as a broken love affair. An idea of paradise lost, of love as war, the heart of darkness as war with the violence of the loss of innocents This Writer is calling the world back to the tenets of the Holy Spirit and peace. Letters from Ixtapa is written in both French and English."
- Subterranean Blue Poetry

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