- A Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprint -

"A New Age Book of Poetry by Rebecca Anne Banks. Written in Montreal, the poetry is the underground love story of blue".

- Subterranean Blue Poetry

odd the places the rain goes

the gift of purple rose

birthday cake by proxy

all the cake, all one evening

a tin soup busk

he said, “don’t sing Christmas songs

if it's not Christmas”

but that was yesterday

(more than yesterday,

less then tomorrow)

and gifts of oranges at breakfast

don’t forget to leave the light on.

worship too hard the Muse

after awhile you live at the emergency room

who is giving birth

who is suicidal

who is death, written in cut green grass

and who is calling

in the middle of the night

hanging on vowels

and messages from angels

a haunted house

black was made for funerals

a room of candles

a girl in a white lace dress

lays on a stone table

a dog asleep in her lap.

the ghosts of Leoni

merci Brignabone

some beautiful ballerina

the Spirit Catcher on the bed is wrong

Americ Vespuce

and apricot soup

the beautiful one

midge marconi

eyes of kohl

veiled nights

of ameabone and catoncs

rent rate.

at the hands of the Empress


my hands hold the clay

round it

as the tears run down my face

for hours

Into the cold air,

the grey street

the trees say alive

against the dark

our souls are imprinted with landscape

the ash from the long night is burning.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry


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