Philip Miletic

Book Review for marginal prints:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VI Issue VI

marginal prints: a love story

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: marginal prints

Author: Philip Miletic

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2017

Pages: 22

"Reader, I married him. A quiet wedding we had: he and I, the parson and clerk, were alone present."
- from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

marginal prints is an Art Nouveau free verse offering that is a magical celebration of a love affair with the written word by Philip Miletic. Philip Miletic (Poet, writer, phd student in English) lives in Kitchener. He has been published in poetry is dead, otoliths, the danforth review, ribbon pig, dead (g)end(er), outlandish zine, indefinite space. He has written world 1-1 with Craig Dodman, the visual poetry Silver and the chapbooks mother2earth and And The Birds Sing.

In exaltation this poetry sings. The words are carefully woven with a creation of cadence through repetition and the occasional rhyme. A profound in original offering with the theme of the magic of reading books, a celebration of books and the magic dreamscape place the Reader goes to when reading a book. A world like none other, of imagination and peace, a safe place, a celebration of creating mythologies. Perhaps, an escape from a violent, overconstructed world fraught with hidden agendas and a consequent reality of spending time alone with books in a happy place.

As the series of poems continues it works into a celebration of the union of the Reader with the Writer by the Reader marking up the book, underlining, putting comments in the margins, in essence creating a new entity of thought and emotion, an imprint of the Reader on the word.

"or underline an entire page

because the first sentence is great,

then the next sentence is great

and the one after that sentence is great

and line after line gets

better and better, greater

and greater"

Then one day our lonely Reader about ¾ of the way into the Chapbook finds an interesting twist to his exultation in the discovery of a note with an email address in the book the poet is reading.

"446 pages into The Making of Americans,

I find your note:

I read this in the summer of 2011.

please email me, next person to read this."

and the poetry rockets into a crescendo of notes written on pages of a book of poetry until the pages scattered from their spines, perhaps mirroring also a love affair born from a note written in the margins of a book. The poems become like duelling harps, a type of Ranga, a love song. A connection in a disconnected world celebrated.

A wild, romantic magic imagining in poetry, surrealistic and fantastical, a New Age Renaissance Republique offering, marginal prints by Philip Miletic and above/ground press.

Available at above/ground press.

Subterranean Blue Poetry

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