Book Review for A New Love/ An Aching Stone:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IV Issue IX

A New Love/ An Aching Stone



Pete Smith

“Let’s go as we are:

wills patched with many patches

and my song needs to breathe: poetry isn’t poetry

because of the wall.

Which exile do you want?

If the west wind does not come

on time, a feminine moon to fill the poem’s

sighs out of a purple dream. A wind brings smells

in your lilac night, I am he who was one day

forced to see the injustice among the thorns,”

“and only echo replies

“Perhaps I’ve been here once before,

the road of invaders who want to renovate their history,

make again a new love

over an aching stone.”

Available at above/ground press.

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2016