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Book Review for The Girl With The Letter Flower:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VI Issue II

The Girl With The Letter Flower, intoxicating, erotic romance as witchcraft

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: The Girl With The Letter Flower

Author: Orlando Murcia

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 92

“I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine”
- from I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox

Truly great poetry is like catching that piece of light in your hand . . . poetry that stops the world. This is the poetry of The Girl With The Letter Flower by Orlando Murcia. Murcia is an Author, Poet, and Father born in El Salvador, living in Los Angeles, California. This is his second book of poetry, the first being The Beauty Of All Around.

The celebration of Love, Beauty and Romance in erotic climes, the young king of blues street writes. After the rain, the velvet night in shadows, all is quiet, 2 lovers sleep entwined, under the moon. Enscribed in hot Summer, the poet is half angel, half conquistador writing into the Spanish archipelago of plains, mountains and skies. In the New Age Renaissance style, Murcia is a magician of high romance with flying majesty. The imagery is rich and full, with allusions to exotic tropical places, rare drinks, the beauty of the body, music, Biblical images, nature in oceans, forests, seashells, skies all wrapped in the cosmos, the heavenly bodies of planets and stars. He compares his lover to a country, it is love as dynasty, as if the posession of orange groves under blue sky, he holds the world in his hands. The poetry is life as magic.

"Of once again

I kissed the wing of your shoulder,

right before I slipped away into a trance of


The softness of your skin is like a fountain of


waving through a stream..

While your scent…

is like a meadow of pastures being poured inside a

bouquet of waterfalls

I love how your eyes resemble owls

during serenaded midnight

The elegance,

of your enchanted beak that blow kisses from your

wind of fair odyssey…

How you slumber inside of my thoughts as I portray

you through musical baptisms of summers eve…

...seeking the road to your jasmine dawn…

...under your knitted wall of daily bread…

My torch from autumns window…

How I love the little things that sail through your

unforgotten region

You wound me,

when you say "Sweet dreams" or

"Until tomorrow my love"

For you know I watch you drift away until the


And greet you buenos dia when you sunrise into

the arms of mis labios…

My beautiful girl…

You will never catch me sleeping when you

awake ..." and more.

The erotica is subtle and suggestive drawing the Reader into an intimate boudoir, as if behind a curtain, the unseen becomes. In a very broken world it is as if the Poet has found the secret to life, a sacred place of covenant in Holy Spirit blessings. Of fire, the poetry is ecstatic, reverential and full of love of the Spirit, love of a girl, and mother not unlike the beauty of the Song of Songs from the Bible. As if a disciple of Pablo Neruda, the Spanish landscape rolls out in sharp and sweet juxtapositions, brilliant, entwined in the original velvet coin. Occasionally, the poetry rhymes distantly, particularly at the end of poems, bringing into focus the early Wiccan magic culture as if casting spells for assured love. As if the Michaelangelo of poetry, the song of songs, the cast of love, a postcard of time, the time is now.

"The Piano


Sit on top of the piano…

Let me play classical music between

your strings

and compose Moonlight Sonata,


the black and white

I want to fill you with erotic tendencies as I

hear you caress the air

with acoustic notes…

Be the soloist conducting “ A minor “

chords against your organ…

...after removing the silk stockings, from

below your frame

I want to tune you above the grand until

we both reach the range of our ivory

and rehearse the outlining of our

symphony once more

I just want to make love to you ..." and more.

The use of the English language is original, I suspect Murcia’s first language is Spanish, when he writes poetry the English language becomes fresh in a mysterious lilt, beautiful and haunting within the background of Spanish lace. The work is peppered with the occasional Spanish language phrase creating exotic ambiance. The Girl With The Letter Flower is a love affair This Writer never wanted to end, it soars amongst the night skies of hot Summer, the brightest star. Something every aficanado of poetry lives for, the discovery of the new and brilliant, intoxicating erotic poetry in New Age Renaissance Republique witchcraft, The Girl With The Letter Flower by Orlando Murcia.

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