Book Review for Taxi Cab Voice:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume V Issue V


by Neil Flowers

Starfuckers, Unite

said your Mexico journal

back in the 60s

our classical Athens

O where have they gone the lean aces and maximus men?

Jongleurs of the folk scene, the blues revival?

Le Hibou?

Women with rainbows for eyes?

                  We meet to part and go our separate ways

No one in the streets now

            save the old lady in broken shoes

                          and Sally Ann overcoat

chartreuse with gold (plastic) buttons

lugs her bags

            shuffles toward that trailer park

                            mind on tinned tomato soup

You were there

etching the empty spaces

                    A million burst from my head every day

Finding your own you stepped clear

Clear out of frame

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2017