Book Review for Suite for the Animals:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VII Issue III


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Suite For The Animals

Author: Neil Beethoven Flowers

Artist: Chutiwan Tanasapphaisal

Publisher: Little Wing Press

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 26

"Butterfly . . .

Butterfly . . .

Orange and black, bright dusty wing

Flutter where the summer birds sing."
- from Butterfly by Bob McGrath, Song from Sesame Street

Suite For The Animals is an exciting celebration in Romantic and Beat poetry progressions from the Quebecois Poet Neil Beethoven Flowers. Poet, Script doctor and Screenplay writing teacher he frequently travels from L.A. to Ottawa and various locales in-between. He has lived in a number of places including Peterborough, British Columbia, Italy, Mexico and New Mexico. This is the second Chapbook This Writer has reviewed by Neil Beethoven Flowers, the first being TaxiCab Voice. The theme of wild animals pervades this series of poems, an on the beat travelogue that records the Poet's experiences in stories from Peterborough, Albuquerque, Mexico and California.

The Chapbook is dedicated to Camille St.-Saens, a French composer from the early 1900's perhaps influenced by his moody musical works and Chief Seattle an 18th Century American Indian leader who advocated for the land rights of his people and preservation of the environment. An engenue gift of poetical Art Nouveau the writings are from the perspective of the wise child, a celebration in a breath of beauty and also a truth telling. The poem "Herons" speaks of the beauty of the large bird and then segues into an historical recounting of how they were slaughtered for their feathers in 1902, ending with,

"That golden eye

                              Swivels on

your dark secret"

This poetry full of mystery and Romanticism is reminiscent of the work of William Blake, an important precursor of the Romantic movement, Blake wrote about the reverence of animals and nature, accentuating spirituality and questioning negative cultural practices. It differs from Blake in that its short staccato lines of the Beat Poetry tradition are a little more dislocated, a beautiful progression.

The poems present stories, stories of animals, there is the story of someone losing everything in a truck fire, a story of swimming with turtles, a story of seeing tigers, there is a flash of humor, a reference to Hopi myths, a conversation with ravens ("Raven Talk"), a night of drinking with friends, a eulogy and more.

A poet's life in existence within the harmony of nature inside spiritual climes, the poetry a vacances of it's a beautiful life, a brilliant write, Suite for the Animals by Neil Flowers.

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