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Book Review for Loose Canon:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VIII Issue VI


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Loose Canon

Author: Mike McNamara

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2020

Pages: 135

"Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour . . .
Coming to take you away"
- from The Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles

In the Age of Druids, the forest dark, dark by the sea, cast in the Bardic Trdition a fantastical New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry write, Loose Canon by Mike McNamara and Subterranean Blue Poetry, seeped in culture, writings, music, history and reinvented as the post-modern Muse. Mike McNamara (Singer, Songwriter, Poet) was born in Ireland and moved to Newport when 8 years old. He is the front man of the Welsh band Big Mac's Wholly Soul Band which has been a hot musical event traveling the countryside for 3 decades. He is from a musical family and his daughter, Erin, now sings with the band. Influenced by the soul music of Little Richard, Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, he also writes and performs original music and creates poetry.

A lament, the poetry drifts through nature imagery and the darkness of love lost painting pictures of rain and grey overcast evening skies, reminiscent of a John Atkinson Grimshaw painting. A classical Irish weave, perhaps influenced by the writings of William Shakespeare, studies in death, in darkness and light, a new day is painted with original words and word constructions in the New Goth. The turn of language is a celebration of Irish/Welsh colloquialisms reinvented in poetry. In the poem "The Old Gods" McNamara invokes the gods,

"Bathe my dreams in indigo,
become a coarse hewn shield around me
through the labyrinth of Constantine deliver me.
Oh, gods of fierce Conmara,
hound of sweet Eriu's healing sea
gods of Cormac, the warrior's raven,
still watch over me."

Inspired by love, death, nature, the storm and classical allusions of gods and goddesses, Loose Canon is a considered and lyrical write. Also fascinating, are the stories of historical personages, the poem of Idilia Dubb (1851) trapped in the tower of Lahneck Castle and of Bridget Cleary (1895) an Irish woman murdered by her husband for being a "changeling". Perhaps with elements of prophecy the poem, "Yesterday's Tomorrow and Today" talks of the Black Plague, a resurrection in post-modern times.

A magical U.K. write, of rain skies and storm, of nightmare and morning light, steeped in the tradition of the Bards creating the New Goth. A riveting Art Nouveau write, Loose Canon by Mike McNamara.

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