Book Review for Such Sweet Sorrow:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VIII Issue X


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Such Sweet Sorrow

Author: Merle Amodeo

Publisher: Merle Amodeo

Date of Publication: 2020

Pages: 66

"Lover please, please come back . . ."
- from Lover Please by Billy Swan and The Rhythm Steppers/Clyde McPhatter

Such Sweet Sorrow by Merle Amodeo presents poetic flashes of the profound sometimes with humor creating an original take on confessional poetic narrative in Beat poetry riffs; the poet a warm sunshine storybook on a dark storm night. Merle Amodeo (Poet, teacher) lives in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto. A retired teacher, she is a member of the League of Canadian Poets, the Writers' Community of Durham Region, and the University Women's Club, Toronto.

This collection of poetry begins with an interlocative poem, as she describes her relationship with her former lover alternating between what each had given to the other and introducing the pervading theme of lover disparu. A promising entre nous, a piquant and considered Beat poetry progression that presents as narrative.

From, "Tonight I Write The Saddest Lines":

"You gave me a warm kiss at a sidewalk café.
I gave you kites on a Sunday at the beach.
You gave me a casual shrug, a quick smile.
I gave you a June shooting star
flinging its flame in the night.
You gave me your naïve ties,
colours like Monet's sunsets,
and you gave me chocolates
and a long-stemmed rose.
I gave you passion,
And let you give it back to me.
I gave you yes.
You gave me no . . ."

A gifted rendition of broken love affair, lovers as space junk in the broken social scene. Amodeo's discourse at once a lament, an inside description of the disposable, a protest and a celebration of what is. The poetry spins into the conjecture of "when we meet again" plays with the silence of lover ce n'est pas là spinning stories into the sky that hold us, sometimes with a subtle humour, a certain wisdom, sunlight, the poet as engenue.

Peppered with a quiet humor and telling insights on the human condition Amodeo centers her poetry around people, a dialogue featuring a lost lover, potential lovers, and in the 3rd chapter Donald Trump, Stephen Harper, her mother and friends amongst others.

Distinctive Canadian folklore poetics, a truthtelling, raising the broken with a New Age confessional beat. A truly unique poetic offering steeped in city landscape and the history of change, Such Sweet Sorrow by Merle Amodeo.

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