Book Review for My Lips Hold the Red and Pinks:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume II Issue I


"dimes and dollars,

dead end flowers in pink,

left on a seat,

water jugs holding ice,

wine bottles and spice, all those things, men

think make a woman nice,

liquid words,

pour equally well on another,

all the beautiful smoke rings of

desire, left in night and lasts only

in the morning,

dimes, dollars,

and dead end flowers,

poems came back tight,

through the day's and night's pen

ink, no words spoiled by insult,


the winter threw out a blue

bird placed in the heart,

but held an ice nest,

but she lied

spent more time covering it than telling it,

spoke in whispers, downstairs,

a hell with pillows,

you upstairs, alone,

alone the way you

loved it, and I gave,

gave you it,

the lonely

hours I dwelled in the

bricks surrounding our life,"

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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