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Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: The She: An Exposé

Author: Melanie Flores

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2019

Pages: 36

"Never gonna fall for (modern love)
Walks beside me (modern love)
Walks on by (modern love)
Gets me to the church on time (church on time)"
- from Modern Love by David Bowie

The She: An Exposé is the angst of the waking post-modernist Poet in a truthtelling, a walk through the megopolis into The New Age Republique of Poetry from the emerging Poet Melanie Flores. Born in Toronto she has worked in business publishing and is a freelance editor and audiobook narrator. She is a writer and poet and has been published in anthologies and journals, winning awards. She is also an Associate Member of The League of Canadian Poets.

A neo-feminist protest that tells stories about her life in poetry narratives, switching from the third to the first person, and back again, her poetry is a celebration of being and becoming in hard spaces. Themes include her mother's death, the death of a stillborn daughter, a requiem, the birth of a baby, the death of an old man, labels, societal expectations, war, a neighbour, childhood, freedom, she explores difficult terrain with the voice of a wise child.

Particularly exciting are the two poems, Losing Cinderella and Unraveling Dorothy as rewritten fairytales in modern times. Losing Cinderella is based in the Cinderella fairytale, she marries the Prince, she has children, the children grow up and leave, she puts on weight, the Prince becomes abusive and takes up with a younger woman, she confronts the myth by finding the glass slipper in the closet and breaking it. Unravelling Dorothy is based in The Wizard of Oz a reinvention of Dorothy that at once magical also tells the truth of lost youth, a protest of the design machine and modern love. By challenging the archetypes, a protest by way of modern realism, the Poet is telling the truth about broken intimate relationships in the post-modern world. These poems are in the vein of the writing of Stephanie Bolster, who similarly challenges Old World "happily ever after" romance in the retelling of fairy tales in Three Bloody Words, a Chapbook by above/ground press.

An exciting Summertime read, poetry candy, a Subterranean Blue Poetry Chapbook Imprint, The She: An Exposé by Melanie Flores.

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