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Book Review for Rêveuses Rivières:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IX Issue V


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Rêveuses Rivières

Author: Margaret Saine

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2021

Pages: 73

“Et que dire de l’Océan, sinon qu’il attend?”
“And what says of the Ocean, if not that it waits?”
- Edouard Glissant

An elegant oeuvre of The New Age French poetry, a song of the river and bluestreet, a lover lost a lover found somewhere on a highway, The Oracle sings in Rêveuses Rivières (Dreamers Rivers) by Margaret Saine and Subterranean Blue Poetry. Margaret Saine (Poet, poetry editor, teacher, translator) born in Germany, lives and works in California. She has published 5 books of poetry in English and has works in German, Italian, French and Spanish.

This poetry lives entirely in French, a distinctly European lilt, a river runs through it. The French, the French itself flows in blue, in a certain elegance of water. When translated into English, the poetry highlights the distinct nuances of the French language, the nuances of meaning not lost in translation, a recreation of a semblance of order and beauty, a new order of the heart. In French and the English translation which highlights the subtle use of articles that refreshes the English as a place of the heart as an original presentation.

Also, highlighted is the state of the feminine in relation to the patriarchy, the fine balance of love and misunderstanding, and perhaps fallout in the state of bed rites. As if a modern day Oracle of Delphi, the wise and the beautiful weep into poetry. It is a story of travel in love, the silence, the discourse in dilettante claims, the film noire, how love flames, the silence, how love falls asleep.

A study in the experiential, the details of life, the depression, smoothed by caress illustrated in Imagist form. A poetry in pictures with nature images, poetry in a breath. An Art Nouveau style, distinctly rooted in French cinema, drawing from the social revolution of the 1960’s in consideration, Saine is a poet of her own distinct genre class. Rêveuses Rivières, heavily peppered with quotations from other writers and artists, is an enigmatic and full offering, a read in goddess studies.


Le poème ... est toujours à venir.
- Edouard Glissant

Un cercle cerné
armé de feuilles à pic
la carapace bleuâtre

Le cercle s’ouvre
un oeil bleu éclot

Bout de ciel enfoui
dans une fleur


The poem ... is always to come.
- Edouard Glissant

A circle surrounded
armed with sheer leaves
the bluish shell

The circle opens
a blue eye blooms

Buried piece of sky
in a flower

This poem is also in Rêveuses Rivières, in brilliant Italian. The beauty of the short sentences, as if Haikuesque, in profound with the images of la legume, a beautiful celebration inside some dark shadowed edge. Also, a celebration of the colour blue, a witness to love and the Spirit.

The spirit of the river, the spirit of love and l’étranger, an offering of nocturne in beautiful French language poetics, Rêveuses Rivières by Margaret Saine.

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