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Book Review for A Book of Travel:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VII Issue IV


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: A Book of Travel

Author: Margaret Saine

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2019

Pages: 128

"He says the moon comes with us when we drive at night. He says in front of the trees
behind the trees in front of the trees behind the trees."
- from Case Study: With by Jennifer Kronovet

A Book of Travel is poetry in the cast of the moon inside the broken dance of love that flowers into the New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry by Margaret Saine and Subterranean Blue Poetry. Margaret Saine (Poet, poetry editor, teacher) lives and works in California. She travels extensively, and is very well read speaking and writing in 5 languages including German, French, Italian. She is the Poetry Editor at California Quarterly and is an administrator at New Voices, Gina Nemo's Facebook site for publishing poetry.

The title of the book "A Book of Travel" was inspired by Evliya Celebi a 17th Century Turkish philosopher's work of the same name. In this work he writes on his travels through Europe and makes observations of the different languages, it is an ideation on the Ottoman Empire by a Muslim. She also writes that the poetry is inspired by landscape. Saine's work is infused with quotes from famous writers and contains translations in French, Italian, German and Macedonian.

A Book of Travel is a book of wanderlust and perhaps lost love searching for love, in the voice of the wise child. The poetry is experiential and brushes with Imagism and Romanticism, the classicism of nature imagery, flowering into the New Age. The poetry tells stories of travel, Rome, the ancients (Ophelia, Eurydice, Orpheus, St. Augustine, Bacchus, Ariadne) art and artists, gardens, childhood, women, love, sparrows and more. This poetry is enigmatic, sometimes a subtle humour, a subtle dislocation within the broken architecture of the old cityscape economy. As if traveling by train, watching out the windows, someone who lives in foreign lands, a place of mystery, a place of the past, the haunts of an old love.

One of my favourite poetry writes in A Book of Travel is "Night - and Light?" it is considered, has a beautiful cadence within sorrow:

"Night - and Light?

Night is coming and so
the light vanishes but
many lights are born
into the dusk
into the dark
Night is the backdrop of light
more intimate, more bright
light is the splendor of the night
night as backbone and foil for light
dark and shining: shining and dark . . . a night coat of gleaming sparks that shine on us in the dark light is flat without night so come, sister, not sinister night give height in depth and glow and a sisterly mystery to light"

A Poet for Peace, there is an activist theme to the writing, "The Story of Jorge Peña Hen" is about the famous musician who was executed by the Pinochet dictatorship.

Through the broken dance, the light shines in, it is as if she is writing Emily Dickinson out of the box. A great read for the long winter nights, A Book of Travel by Margaret Saine.

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