Marc Zegans

Book Review for The Snow Dead:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VIII Issue V


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: The Snow Dead

Author: Marc Zegans

Publisher: Cervena Barva Press

Date of Publication: 2020

Pages: 34

"But the days get harder in November
Love grows colder in the winter
All the things you say, I'll remember . . ."
- from Winter by Khalid

The Snow Dead by Marc Zegans, weaves a New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry spell, like falling into a parallel universe, apocalypse poetry in the gothic horror tradition. Marc Zegans (Poet, arts mentor) lives and works in northern California. He is widely published and has had 3 appointments as Writer in Residence in the United States. He has written a number of plays and performed poetry audiobooks as well as writing books of poetry. This is the second book of poetry This Reviewer has Reviewed for him, the first being La Commedia Sotterranean.

A haunting, poetry inside the silver wheel, possibly influenced by Satanic ritual, the royaume cultural way and the quiet dis-ease of disaster, a reflection on a culture that creates human rights abuses. A horror story of people, places and winter, a truthtelling, a disquieting artefact that shakes out demons. Perhaps an exploration of portent as Zegans portrays the ice carnival, the sacrifice, the dead enthroned in ice, and a parallel picture of love lives, of ended beginnings, of suffering, the body politic. This poem manifests a place lost in time, as if a post-modernist treatise cast in the mirror, the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, the princess eats of the poison apple, falls asleep encased in glass, the vines grow, time passes and everything and everyone is asleep until she is kissed by Prince Charming, the poison apple piece falls from her mouth and she awakens and with her the people of the village.

The poetry unfolds in layers, rich and considered, each new stanza, a new piece of cake. A progression in Beat Poetry, lyrical, it is a study in loss, perhaps lovers lost in time.

Very advanced societies throughout history often collapse and morph into new entities, often because of human rights abuses, new inventions, new systems of thought, ecological/biological disasters. Ixtapa, the ancient Meso-American society based in human sacrifice dissolved when the head was poisoned, the people in chaos fled the cursed city. In Ancient Egypt a culture based in too close incest and the enslavement of the Jewish people falls and morphs. The Roman congreve across Europe around the time of the birth of Christ ends after 900 years. All things come 'round, there is a natural balancing for justice and peace in karmic principal based in the Holy Spirit paradigm that operates in the background of the lives of all peoples.

A story of winter in the dead of night, a truthtelling that shines a light, a story of opera and love and sleep. A brilliant New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry gothic horror long poem, The Snow Dead by Marc Zegans.

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