Book Review for La Commedia Sotterranea della Macchina Scrivere:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VII Issue III


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: La Commedia Sotterranea della Macchina Scrivere

Author: Marc Zegans

Artist: Eric Edelman

Publisher: Pelekinesis

Date of Publication: 2019

Pages: 74

"Million ribbons and floating stars
The night sky fades"
- from Green Typewriters by The Olivia Tremor Control

La Commedia Sotterranea della Macchina Scrivere by Marc Zegans and Eric Edelman is an Art Nouveau extravaganza that plays with the post-apocalypse landscape in surrealist New Age Renaissance Republic imaginings, a retrofuturistic steampunk fantasy, the offering is an aesthetic inspired by 19th century technology that spirals into new poetical climes. Marc Zegans is an Arts Mentor, Teacher, Poet, Playwright, Consultant who mentors actors, artists, musicians, writers, directors and advises charitable and government agencies. He has written a play, two spoken word albums, a book of erotic senyru, and a poetry collection. He is the administrator of the Facebook site The Underground Typewriter. He has been published in poetry journals including Wick, Lyrical, Ibbetson Street amongs others.

La Commedia Sotterranea della Macchina Scrivere is a cheeky "Tell me a story" travelogue that seduces the reader with tales of the elite musicians, writers, artists in a haunted Victorianesque backdrop. As if reading a sophisticated column in the New York Times that reports on the whereabouts and events of the elite with faux personal names and faux names of places and events, restaurants and meeting spaces, the work entrances with a dark whimsy.

As if celebrating some mythical place, not unlike a mythologized New York city time beat in the 1950's a tragi-comedy, slapstick, centered around beautiful typewriters and people writing on beautiful typewriters. The visceral feel of thick paper with beautiful black type all in some underground universe, calling forth escarpment and crumbling grey architecture, the home of Super Heroes that "leap tall buildings in a single bound." The poetic narrative flows in the third person and is broken, as if a Carry On . . . movie moving through time, interesting because of it's landscape and the original resurrected Victorian language, not unlike the language of The Pearl, an 18th century serial of soft porn short stories, a certain civility inside rough country. La Commedia Sotterranea della Macchina Scrivere is a rob ronic spoof of the New Age Arts scene, where everyone is a writer and no one has a lot of monies, the broken escarpment of ended beginnings that mysteriously disappear, not unlike people's broken love lives. It is reminiscent of a M*A*S*H show in which someone receives in the mail a book called, "The Cock Crows at Midnight", a murder mystery. Reading material is scarce and much sought after so they rip the book physically into sections and then when they have read the section they have they pass it on and pick up a different section, (hilarious as people read at different paces and no one knew who had which section) so the reading process becomes hopelessly jumbled, as they read the last line, "and then . . . " causing them to look up and around on the edge of their seats looking for the next section. The broken spinning thought forms are an original take on style, the poetic images brush with Neo-Victorian Romanticism and images of nature inside a lost machine, a surrealistic absurdist theater. The graphics are worth noting, black and white extravaganzas in dislocated spaces that shock and roil with print and vestiges of the Neo-Victorian.

As if celebrating some anarchy of the heart birthed in the New Society, an arts underground becoming. However, the truth about typewriters is that it was nearly impossible to create a perfect first one off take, errors were difficult to correct and to get the perfect offering often involved going throughs reams of paper and time. As an artefact of culture the typewriter is alluring like art, the perfect typed page belongs worshipped behind framed glass. As Art Nouveau, La Commedia Sotterranea della Macchina Scrivere is an exciting read that challenges the bounds of traditional poetry genres, an exciting carnet de route.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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