Book Review for Through Gateways and Walls Refuge and Refugee:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume I Issue VI

Righteousness to Me

by Mahasty Eslahy

i. Equality perhaps is a piece of bread,

divided equally between me, you, us, and others.

Equality perhaps is a biggest jar of water

containing everyone’s need of having water

in their circadian existence.

Equality perhaps is a landscape, full of shelters,

all the same, and embraced by and for everyone;

with the same space and universal.

And justice perhaps is the application

of ethical appropriateness and appropriation.

ii. This ambiguity, agnosticism, apprehension

drags me into the walls of dilemma.

So what justice means, what equality means,

is a quandary, a complex and perplexing question.

Who is acting just, or fair?

Who is making this decision?

I am dubious about the meaning of these words.

I am fearful that these words

have become simply cheaters.

Words that are used by distrustful individuals

making other’s lives depressed and hopeless.

I am doubtful about who I am.

And why someone has called me criminal.

I am doubtful about how I can be again,

that vibrant person I was before.

I am doubtful, afraid about in what way

I can prove that I am not a criminal.

I have already described where my freedom is.

I have proclaimed what I want to wear

and in the way that I want to wear it.

I have already explained that I want to say things

in such a way that I want to declare.

I have just said I want to live happily, not in misery.

I am doubtful about my dignity,

which was lost inside a reformatory.

I am doubtful what justice is,

for equality to me is dead and departed.

Freedom to me is a mirage.

I do not want to use this word casually.

I want to discover the truth.

I want to keep it in my heart,

and respect it with love.

I do not want to sell this word,

these words, of justice and equality.

As I think, and hopeful here, freedom itself

will bring me, myself

both justice and equality.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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