Book Review for Living Within and Beyond the Fallacy of Border:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume II Issue VIII

Until the Sky is Cobalt and Azure

by Mahasty Eslahy

Living and existing willingly,
until the sky is azure.

Calling and receiving the simplicity, keenly
until the sky is azure.

Falling in love eagerly and devotedly
until the sky is azure.

Speculating of why I am querying,
and what I know is that;
ever questioning until the sky is azure.

Reflecting on why I am called an immigrant,
until the sky is azure.

The sky is cobalt and azure everywhere,
even if I am called an immigrant.
I am exploring who I am,
until the sky is cobalt and azure.

Ubiquitously the azure sky is with me
in all times I be in the here, the there, and everywhere.”

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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