Lila Hope-Simpson

Book Review for Emerging:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume III Issue IX

The Laughing Woman

Who is that Laughing woman?

She’s the mechanical gypsy lady
at the amusement park
who sits patiently in front of the Dark Tunnel.
She waits for a curious child
to insert a quarter in the slot,
then she rolls back and forth, back and forth,
holding her skirted belly
laughing eerily for sixty seconds.

Who is that laughing woman?

She sits close to her lover in a dim café,
her head close to his
and she giggles and laughs mysteriously
at everything he says,
takes a sip of wine
and laughs some more.

Who is that laughing woman?

She’s lounging on the couch
watching a film with friends,
a line strikes her as funny.
She laughs until tears stream down her
and her stomach hurts.
Everyone else in the room stares.

Who is that laughing woman?

She is the mother
disciplining her child.
She wants to be taken seriously
she wants to be stern-
but the child laughs
then the mother laughs
and she gives him a hug.

Who is that laughing woman?

She is you and she is me
She is everywoman
      who has loved
      who has given birth
      who has danced
      who has stumbled
      who has felt the wind lift her hair

She is you and she is me.
We laugh together
We laugh alone
We laugh because we are alive.

Available from Red Mare 9.

Subterranean Blue Poetry


© 2015