Book Review for Running on the March Wind:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume III Issue IX

Go Away
(bear ix)

my yellow house
my kitchen

i head for my room,
my desk, the computer,
my work and my writing

at the kitchen window
my children are standing
on chairs, pointing out,
watching, giggling
i join them and look out

there are bears, all kinds of
bears, young bears, all
colours like teddy bears
playing beneath the window
their den is under my floor

my feet are warm
i can feel their presence

but i push at the window screen
telling them to go away, go away,

yet my feet would be warm
if they stayed”

Outside Hope
(bear x)

the bears are gone now
all of them

the worn entrance to
their den is cold

i sprinkle tobacco and flakes
of food across the threshold,
hoping they’ll return
to my yellow house
their den beneath
my kitchen floor”

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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