Book Review for Love/Air:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IX Issue IX


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Love/Air

Author: Lawdenmarc Decamora

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Date of Publication: 2021

Pages: 83

“As in a melancholy garden,
A white fountain faithfully sighs towards the Azure!”
- from Sigh by Stéphane Mallarmé

Some Imprints of poetry are like treasures. A young adult at their grandmother's looking through the bookcase discovers a book of poetry something special, something magical, squirrels the book away in their tote bag and heads down to the beach. Summer holiday . . .

Love/Air by Lawdenmarc Decamora and Atmosphere Press, is one such book. An exciting New Age poet heralds from the Philippines, a Romantic Surrealism inside imagist blue and green archipelago imagine. From the ancient rice fields in the mountains to the islands of seacoast, inside the rich history of Filipino literature, a fantastique write. The Philippines has a particularly full historical tradition in culture, a place of island stories. In prehistory epics were passed from generation to generation in oral tradition. The archipelago was taken over by the Spanish in 1521, bringing classical literature that featured newspapers, prose, religious and secular dramas, and many forms of poetry. Forms of poetry included Tanga, Ladino, Corridos, Awit with variances of metre, language and setting. Post-colonial literature included writings in English and in later works the reconciliation of the English/Spanish/Asian identity. Modern literature of the 20th century is called “Modernismo” influenced by the French Parnassien and Symbolist schools. Lawdenmarc Decamora has earned a post-graduate degree in creative writing and is currently studying literature and culture while teaching at a prestigious Philippine university. He is published in national and international journals.

This poetry travels in long swirling thoughts woven with original images, occasionally broken, walking through days of . . . tea, the market, covid, the act of writing at the typewriter, nature . . . underscored with the contemplation of a love affair, a marriage. This poetry dances, mixed with images of the everyday, a souvenir shop, drawers of old licenses, time, aloneness and of constellations and agriculture, the images of the natural world. A dance of colours, the imagine, a landscape of island exists in the clouds inside the secret garden place where the poet writes. A truthtelling, the wisdom of the sage, the essence of honest, au sauvage with sky.

From "Lines depicting lovelight from your eyes":

"About you many good things come into
relation, I think of the constellation, vessels
& viaducts, the process like the lovelight
your eyes emit, true music

                                                  against the words."

The language is original, occasionally using short bursts of French, Japanese and other world languages. The poetry does not rhyme, except for the very rare accidental occurrence. A lyrical offering, every word considered creating cadence, a song in poetry, with the occasional influence of the Beat tradition. It is the poet in the dance with the Muse, a contemplation of heaven/hell, a certain enchantment watching the fire light of the candle, the poet weaves his magic. Perhaps influenced by the French Symbolist Poets, the poetry lives inside the brilliance of the greats, not unlike the love poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Of the exotic, this poetry imprint is a photograph of a certain year, a certain place, a certain time in the life of the poet, the magic of the crucible. Decamora spins reality into symbolist and surrealist spaces of colours, original images, a struggle, a love story bursting into sunlight. How the people of the world love their Poets, Love/Air, by Lawdenmarc Decamora.

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