Book Review for snake charmers: a cycle of 20 poems:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IV Issue V

those who live

“The exposition of the ‘perfect life’”
- Jean Cassien

bird cages without a single bird

palm trees in white pots, multi-

patterned rugs and white blanched rocks

rocks of chalk, and suspended toy airplanes

poised for descent at all times

all things slanted, bent, crooked

on the way over, down, to the side

the perfect life cannot be had

the perfect life is not in your hands

the perfect life is in the thought you think

the sundance yellow clay under your feet

the bleach-white sky above your head

the long, long march from door to door

the carpet is long because the hallway is long

the doors are tall because the ceiling is high

I will go through the small door inside the big door

I will light my home with the open airplane

I will cook my rice under a stone arch

there is a price on all things beautiful

there is a cumbersome price on all things perfect

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2016