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Book Review for Anthem:

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Volume V Issue V

"Anthem is a dialogue in gender and race relations, an African American Poet revealing great suffering and in the telling a crucible for peace. This poetry is a no holds barred truthtelling, that dispells the demons, the raw emotions fashioned into poetic climes brings into the light, dance and celebration in healing. The poetry is in the imago of the Black Madonna, harsh realities told bare bones and through the beautiful essence of the Poet, the Reader is brought to a place of love.

Protest poetry, against oppression, sometimes in the Beat tradition, shines a beacon of light into the dark of night. There is occasional rhyme, and a recreation of language in original spaces, using Black meme, she sometimes invents new words, Poet Newton is a very considered and accomplished writer. This poetry is inspirational, as if having been born from listening to the speeches of Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr. It rises like a bird in the blue of sky, taking your spirit high and higher.

As if to give both sides their due, both Black and White for black and white people`s are capitalized, a new form in the politics of race relations, perhaps assigning credence to both sides can make people feel better, lessening violence.

As if poetry inside the eye of God, of good and all that is right, a gift of the essence of woman, the Black Madonna, a treatise in the power of love. A brilliant read, Anthem by Kimberlynne Darby Newton".

- Subterranean Blue Poetry


by Kimberlynne Darby Newton

I've never felt

more American

Maybe it's a common foe

an exploration

dipped in gore

a history steeped

in believing in my other-ness


Maybe it was

a stroke of fortune

happenstance mistake

remnants of the world

I thought I'd lose

But opened


Being brown so often means

keeping your head down

wary, sensitive, leery

of the cuts cut

leaving me to bleed

but suddenly

it all falls


alone, with sunshine

my dead beloved

trilling to me

from a random

redbird's warble

I asked myself

to help me

find me


leapt, wide-eyed and open

reaping now

those cotton rows

and strange fruit

turned oddly

into wisps, heart held


but now

lighter than air

Hurt abounds

disillusion sears


but I haven't stopped reaching

allowing in difference

cherishing you

your stories

discovering that you

really were

no different from


I have never

felt more American

We are my anthem

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