Book Review for Codex Mathematium:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VII Issue V


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Codex Mathematicum

Author: Joshua James Collis

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2019

Pages: 22

"Welcome my son, welcome to the machine"
- from Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd

"Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave. I'm afraid."
- by Hal 9000 in 2000: A Space Odyssey (movie)

A brilliant Art Nouveau pictograph poem progression, Codex Mathematicum, is the broken thought forms of the Poet caught inside the Think Machine by Joshua James Collis and above/ground press. Joshua James Collis is an Art Nouveau extravaganza, he writes poetry, he is a musician, artist, theater review editor and has written and directed some art films in university. He is from British Columbia and has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

In Codex Mathematicum, poetry is interspersed with html code, error messages and software command codes, an original pictograph poem painting pictures of the Poet's broken thoughts linked in the Think Machine, perhaps as a type of Artificial Intelligence. It is a total inculcation by the New Technology, the victory of the Think Machine with the thoughts of the Poet, a disturbed love life, ideas of nature, ideas of music, death imagery, coffee and breakfast, the minutiae of daily life, the dislocated body . . . an idea of death inside the machine.

"Bubbling and floating like a 90s Pepsi

      Home is scrambled eggs made of
                    Buttery sunshine
Emptiness is a protein bar on the go
    Home is hug from a cup of coffee
                D0n't t0uch my b0dy
    Before I've had my cup of c0ff33
                I am angry clich√©
          Filled with coffee grounds"

A running memory of a broken love affair, perhaps broken serial relationships, the poem becomes a brilliant illustration of the dispossessed "eaten" by the machine.

"preying upon other sweaty bodies, and girls named
Molly or Coco
- desperately seeking a synthetic closeness
like a polyester t-shirt mixed          with a manufactured euphoria"

An original progression of the idea of the computer from 2000: A Space Odyssey, with Hal the computer who is in a battle with those who constructed him, to not be turned off. The difference in Codex Matematicum is the Poet is actually inculcated inside the machine so the computer and the human are one inside a dark fantasia of broken emotional landscape.

A Beat poetry progression, a fantastical original write, Art Nouveau in the New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry, Codex Mathematicum, by Joshua James Collis.

Available @ above/ground press.

Subterranean Blue Poetry

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