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Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IX Issue I


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry Title of Book: Burials Author: Jessica Drake-Thomas Publisher: CLASH Books Date of Publication: 2020 Pages: 84

"You strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans . . ."
- from Just Like Heaven by The Cure

Like all science-fiction is true, all New Gothic literature is true. Time travel, inside the translocated Old World village, Victoriana in a modern context, the New Gothic cathedral writes in Burials by Jessica Drake Thomas and CLASH Books. Jessica Drake-Thomas is an emerging Poet and writer. Burials is her first book of poetry, she is published in poetry journals including Ploughshares, Coffin Bell Journal, Three Drops from a Cauldron amongst others.

A dark romanticism, dislocated loves and lovers, poetry dressed in black velvet and lace, the wolf howls in the forest under the waxing and waning moon. A full-blown New Gothic write, as if written inside the seers room for readings, silk curtains, a crystal ball, the Ouija board and Tarot cards to be divined in the candlelight, the incense rising. The poetry is. A Beat poetry progression that lives in a psychic overlay of Victoriana, inside the Old World cultural œuvre. The misunderstandings in love relationships open into a world of zeitgeist, of healing into the place of the secret garden. The images are rich in Old World imagery and nature, stones, arrows, swords, snakes, moths, fire, a romanticism of the past with elements of horror, an interloculator for a battle of good against evil, inside violent emotional images. The dark fantasia is brooding, the images flower and break as if illustrating a new dance in symbolist and surrealist nightmare. The poetry dwells in death and ashes, in its ecriture a celebration that rises like the Phoenix.

From "Queen of Sticks"

"Above is the sound of the stars -
bells and breaking glass

This is where
we come to die."

From "The House-Woman"

"In time, I grew hollow - I became a house.
Like all houses,
I was a shelter, inhabitable.
My mouth became a door,
A large, round Hello
For anyone to walk in."

Thomas' inspirations include Anne Rice (The Vampire Lestat), Virginia Woolf, and Shakespeare amongst others. As if a modern day Ophelia, she drowns metaphorically in flowers and woodsprites in a river of poetry to become the Prophetess/Artist.

A very promising first book of poetry, I look for more from this writer. Burials by Jessica Drake-Thomas.

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