Jennifer Kronovet

Book Review for Case Study: With:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume III Issue VI

"Critical Period Hypothesis

There is a window of time to make language how the mind
works. Words as milk so the mind survives on language.
Prove it. Take a boy who left the forest and became
evidence. Victor, until 12, knew only the sounds of rain on
leaves, on rock, on dirt - no voices down the hall. No
voice in the head. He entered the languaged world late and
learned: to be pleasant, to remember remembering, and
two phrases.

He Loved milk but couldn't request it. The word was
uttered only in the joy of seeing it. Milk! The word
containing the feeling. Oh, God! his horrified nanny said at
him until it became his song of self.

Victor is used to draw the timeline of the mind, saying we
must keep each other inside our words - a boy just asking
without asking for milk, making the world a glass we fill by

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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