Book Review for Luminescence:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IX Issue IV


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Luminescence

Author: Jeevan Bhagwat

Publisher: IN Publications

Date of Publication: 2020

Pages: 106

“I’m on fire . . .”
- from I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen

Luminescence, the beauty of New Age poetry lit from within, a New Romantic Beat in Imagist form, sunlight from a warm island place that brightens Canadian winters by Jeevan Bhagwat and IN Publications. Bhagwat (Poet, media consultant) is internationally published as well as celebrated in the Canadian landscape. He has won the Monica Ladell Prize for Poetry (2003, 2005) and the Scarborough Urban Hero Award for Arts and Culture (2015). He has co-founded The Scarborough Poetry Club and is a member of The League of Canadian Poets. Bhagwat has written Night Shadows (1998) and The Weight of Dreams (2012) amongst other books.

A beautiful, original event in the romantic that weaves nature images in layers of the Poet’s treatise, a celebration of place, events, childhood memories, family, a truthtelling, lovers, a lover’s call. In the rhythm of days, the summer in winter, the short staccato lines in heat become Haikuesque, a flowering. Although the “beat” lines are short, they do not manifest dissonance, magically a storyline unfolds in beautiful layers of sonnance. Although, perhaps inside some hidden tragedy, a story of rain is woven into the incredible light of love and celebration of God’s creation. Writing with a Poet’s soul, in the eyes of the god Artemis, as if an epic picture of the Poet as Dr. Zhivago (Boris Pasternak), a storyline of love and intrigue:

From “Held”:

“You held me in your arms
when the night wept jewelled stars,
and the wind wailed like
a banshee
at the threshold of your door.

In the golden glow of morning
I marvelled at your hands,
their small and tender palms
capable of such strength,
such fortitude of love
to hold another’s heart,
when it was bruised and falling.”

This poetry, so easy to fall into, a lovesong plays into shadowed places, steeped in the rain, although sometimes difficult or painful events are portrayed, the oeuvre of beauty dances, a nuance, breath to breath into sunlight. The nature images, full with light and sorrow, create a cadence, the story of love, as if the place of Bhagwat’s birth, Trinidad, the island place of warm is transplanted into the cold Canadian winter landscape creating magic.

Truly a noteworthy dance in poetic climes, Luminesence by Jeevan Bhagwat.

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