Book Review for In Between the Lines:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IV Issue VII

Scars For An Angel

by James McInerney

In my fragile state,

There’s always a potential for harm,

Because the smile I show the world,

Hides all the cuts upon my arms.

The wounds will always heal,

But they leave behind their scars,

And I’m reminded as I cry,

Of all the pain left in my heart.

If there’s a beauty deep within me,

Tell me where does it sleep?

For I’m so tired of being something ugly,

That no one ever needs.

I keep praying that an angel,

Will wake me from this dream,

But it’s hard to believe in heaven,

When I have no self-esteem.

If I told you all my reasons,

I know you’d never understand,

I’m not asking for forgiveness,

Just a friend to hold my hand.


by James McInerney

For my wings I have no use,

To reach heaven

I need neither fly nor soar,

But instead fall,

Fall in love.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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