Book Review for Regret or Something More Animal:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VIII Issue XII


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Regret or Something More Animal

Author: Heather Bell

Publisher: CLASH Books

Date of Publication: 2020

Pages: 59

"A hot summer night, fell like a net
I've gotta find my baby yet . . ."
- from Bad Case of Loving You by Robert Palmer

A brilliant Generation "Y" Beat Poetry sound garden, tells the story of a broken marriage mended by a new love, a dance of sorrow and resurrection, Regret or Something More Animal by Heather Bell and CLASH Books. Bell (Poet, teacher) lives in New York with grizzly bear Dan, 4 children, and a prairie dog. She is published in magazines and journals and won the Rattle Chapbook Prize (2016) for "Kill the Dogs".

A truthtelling, honest in the light of the sky, this Confessional/Imagist genre mix in Beat delivery is a profound take on broken. Telling the painful story of love lost, new love found in an eloquent and profound write with a fantastical series of animal, body and nature images.

From "I Do Not Like Winter": "I do not like winter because
Of its small bones. Like a rat, dormouse,
Chinchilla . . . "

From "Hotel":

"I was married for nine years, and I failed
at all nine," I say. I ask you to sleep next

to me in a hotel because the flowering
dogwood of your hair. The marrow

at your neck, the scent of mountain lion,
crushed flowers, sadness."

There are 3 poems, that appear to be interrogative, a dialogue with a woman, it is as if she is outside herself and in self-dialogue, an interesting psychological study, placing her fingers over a cut weeping vein to stop the bleeding. Bell also writes about her grandmother, her children in passing.

A very close and personal window into the suffering of broken love affair and the cold and warm of a new love love song. A fantastical post-New Age poetry write, Regret or Something More Animal by Heather Bell.

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