Book Review for Volume One: The Early Years:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IV Issue I

Arcanum One: The Prince

"and in the morning the king loved you most

and wrote your name with a sun and a beetle

and a crooked ankh, and in the morning

you wore gold mainly, and the king adorned you

with many more names.

beside fountains, both of you slender

as women, circled and walked together

like sunrays circling water, both of you

slender as women wrote your names with

beetles and with suns, and spoke together

in the golden mornings.

and the king entered your body

into the bracelet of his name

and you became a living syllable

in his golden script, and your body

escaped from me like founting water

all the daylong.

but in the evenings you wrote my name

with a beetle and a moon, and lay upon me

like a long broken necklace which had fallen

from my throat, and the king loved you

most in the morning, and his glamouous love

lay lengthwise along us all the evening.”

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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