Gina Nemo

Book Review for Strings AudioBook:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume III Issue VII

My Suitcase

. . . a one way conversation

Did you read it?

The Secret letter,

Inside my head?

It said “Dear the one,

I have got to go.”

Come closer,

Before I disappear.

I hate goodbyes,

My suitcase inside,

Has everything,

That I need,

For a long journey,

A boat, a plane,

A hovercraft perhaps?

You can see the map,

In my eyes,

My windows are shut.

The tank is full,

I am so ready!

That’s right.

I’m leaving!

What did you say?

You don’t want me to go?

Well then,

I guess I will have to play,

Just for awhile,

A little time can’t hurt,

I’m talking to myself,


I’m thinking,

A few more days perhaps?

Maybe a bit longer?

Do you really want me to

Are you sure?

O.K., I will stay,

My suitcase is still packed,

Inside my head.”

Lost on a Train

Thinking of all those years

When the distance took its toll

I could never let you go

Fate had taken control

Both stuck on our own planet

Nothing we could do

Many nights in hotels

Escaping real life with you

You were like a cool wine

I could sip you forever

We were like a volcano

That drowned out a feather

Memories are sweet

Better than regret

Making out in a graveyard

Was just a silly bet

Life throws surprises

And then takes them away

Treasures come with age

Love in this life is not a play”

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2012