Book Review for A Woman By A Well:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VII Issue VI


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: A Woman By A Well: A Self-Portrait

Author: Emily Bilman

Publisher: Melinda Cochrane International

Date of Publication: 2014

Pages: 115

"Come away, O human child
To the waters and the wild"
- from Stolen Child by Loreena McKennitt

A Woman By A Well: A Self-Portrait is magical imagist poetry that shines in a classical light at the New Age Renaissance Republic of Poetry by Emily Bilman and Melinda Cochrane International. Emily Bilman (Poet, literary critic, teacher, amateur astronomer) lives and works in Geneva. She has studied at Vermont College and East Anglia University, earning her PhD in English literature, where she has also taught. Her poetry is published in literary journals and she has given poetry readings in the United States, Geneva, Spain, France and England, reading at the B.B.C. She has published 4 books of poetry, a book about the psychodynamics of poetry and a book about the philosophy of art.

This poetry breathes new life like post-modern parables of creation, a classical progression celebrating nature imagery. A fascinating painting of intrigue, time and storytelling, a spell cast in the weaving of pictures.

""NOLI TIMERE "Do not fear."
In memoriam Seamus Heaney

Like a giant cedar, you fell among the splintered spectres of the dead.
The harvest increased with your spade-pen digging the turf, chafing
against the cleft thorns. Your seed-words fomented the soil to re-
imagine the land."

There are allusions to "La Morte d'Arthur" (the story of Camelot and King Arthur), the Battle of Troy, Ancient Greek legends and gods and Biblical imagery in exciting new presentations. A Woman By A Well, "the weeping goddess" an innocent with a pen writes past a missing lover, the imagery of love as war. It is as if the poetry is cast in an Old World Village where some resounding evil gnashes its teeth on the periphery, while the poetry speaks the truth and celebrates in archetypes of love, death and nature, stands strong, beauty against the darkness.

Each poem is like coming in on the middle of a play, there are descriptions, nature imagery, classical allusions, something has happened, the words are couched in mystery, there is an overall interrogative, the pull of the battleground of good against evil, a prayer, a classical presentation. The poetry is rhythmic, with the repetition of key words and the creation of new words that reach for the stars, a considered offering. A Woman By A Well: A Self-Portrait with its mystery and beauty reminds This Writer of the work of Cassy Welburn.

The poem as the word in love, like the daily ritual of breaking bread. The violence of love/death in overture is quelled by the Poet's hand manifesting a profound work of peace. A Woman By A Well: A Self-Portrait by Emily Bilman.

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