Book Review for americana:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VI Issue VII

americana: the diaspora

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: americana

Author: Edward Smallfield

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 28

“We know very well who we are, so we hold it down when summer starts”
- from New Americana by Halsey

americana, exciting New Age Renaissance Republic poetry, Beat and Haiku progressions with Spanish influences from Edward Smallfield and above/ground press. Edward Smallfield (Poet, writer) studied English at university in the United States and is currently living in Spain. He has written The Pleasures of C, equinox and collaborative projects with Doug MacPherson, Miriam Pirone and Valerie Coulton. He is widely published in literary Zines and online.

A considered, enigmatic mix of Beat and free form Haiku, the poetry rolls out as if having come through a storm. The short staccato delivery is art nouveau, broken thought train breathing in new original juxtapositions of words in often exciting enigmatic soup. The poetry exists within the dark violence of the masculine in a weave with the creative force of love, that presents a grainy sepia picture. The work seems influenced by suffering inside the machine, perhaps coming through an Existentialist hell with the light at the end of darkness. Perhaps memory drawing him back into dark images. A certain base nature mixes with a certain wonderlust, leaving This Writer looking for the often brilliant pieces of light. Undercurrents of life in Spain influence the writing, giving a certain exotic turn, mixed with his American roots.

“yankee haiku

what the rain scribbles.

music without instruments.

the transparent pleasures.”

Flying with angels, in the dark with demons, this poetry runs the gamut. I live for the light, some incredibly brilliant poetry when striking the light. americana by Edward Smallfield.

Available at above/ground press.

Subterranean Blue Poetry

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