Book Review for The Paperwork Rebuttal:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume V Issue VI

“Department of Transportation HIGHWAY-RAIL GRADE CROSSING OMB No. 2130-0500

                     ACCIDENT/INCIDENT REPORT


Daniel Roche

1. I’m Jealous of the Driver’s Smouldering Heartache

1a. Enough Loss

1b. As if His Guilt/Blood

2. Contained in the Wreckage are Yellow Heels

2a. Enough Singed

2b. As if my Daughter/Flare

3. Attached to the Tracks are Pennies

3a. Enough Crushed

3b. As if an Afternoon/Complacency

4. Stole My Sense of Fire, of Intimacy, of Laughter

5. Taken by Accident/Lost

6. As if I am Debris/Choking

7. I walk with purpose 8. Retracing 9. Steps 10. Taken Lush

11. Away (She was born in June) 12. Ashamed by my baldness or breath

                                                            Passivity __ Patterned __”

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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