Book Review for These Elegies:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VIII Issue III


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: These Elegies

Author: D.C. Reid

Publisher: Ekstasis Editions

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 122

"Walk slowly, step and you can listen while you drown . . ."
- Ghosts of the Forest

"Old soldiers never die,
They just keep writing poetry . . ."
- Collective Conscious

These Elegies by D.C. Reid and Ekstasis Press is an art nouveau poetic event steeped in the violence of the Apocalypse, the sharp winter sunlight, from the milieu of Canadian ocean and forest, the British Columbia archipelago by D.C. Reid. D.C. Reid (Poet, writer, novelist) is an iconograph of Canadian Poetry born in Alberta he lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia. He has been published in Canada and internationally, his books translated into Spanish, Chinese, Greek, French, Hindi and Bengali. He is much celebrated and has won the Colleen Thibaudeau Award, the Roderick Haig-Brown Award and the Subterranean Blue Poetry Love and War Anthology Award. This is D.C. Reid's eighth book of poetry, and the first This Writer has Reviewed for him.

This is the poetry of the blue cathedral, elegiac with sorrow, poetry of death, as life, as celebration. The War Without exists perhaps as a memoir of the soldier, someone in the imminent battlefield, the possibility of imminent doom, Reid exists, writing as if on the point of a sword. Everything becomes larger, the weather, the landscape becomes brighter, becomes sharp. The writing a mirror, an orchestra, as if a eulogy of lost lovers/friends/family, the lost soldiers, "Alas, I knew him too". Harkening to the events of World War I, Gallipoli, the story of Brideshead Revisited, Arras, Hindenburg Line, Bourlon Wood, the Canal du Nord, Cambrai, Denain Valenciennes, Mons, the Romanovs with the modern day violence of Sandy Hook, Ecole Polytechnique and the Iraqi War. As if saying "stop!" these events should not go unmarked, a wake up call to remembrance, an illumination, perhaps a call to justice, a beginning point for change.

This Beat Poetry/Imagist progression pulls you into the lull of ocean, the calm, to be met by the full force of the wave, cold on a winter's day. This poetry exists in super realist states of the imagine, rooted in a sharp violence the original images in exquisite detail breathe into dark spaces, earthy images of animal flesh, human flesh, gritty, an idea of disease, an idea of sorrow, of loss. The disembodied nature images build and conjure a hard tracing of bright, through a glass, a painting.

"How unfortunate the slippers

How unfortunate the slippers.
How unfortunate the hour, and the late

wet grass. Her feet are small, and she
unheard in evening. I am ears with sea

falling through nets of hair to inform
my transitory thoughts . . ."

Well read, Reid often quotes the most riveting of quotes and writings of the work of Poets in the epigraphs at the beginning of his poetry. A veritable feast of the most inspiration, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ted Hughes, Anne Sexton, Milton Acorn, John Lennon, P.K. Page, Ezra Pound, the Bible, Leonard Cohen, Al Purdy and more. A communion of the spirits of the greats, the living Poet with those who have passed, creating new vistas of poetry.

Occasionally, he writes his cat into the lines of his poetry, a quiet celebration of a day in the life.

Brilliant poetry steeped in deep winter forests, the quiet and the sky that travels. An original signature in post-modern Canadian poetry, These Elegies by D.C. Reid.

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