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Book Review for Series out of Sequence:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume V Issue III


The best liars always tell the truth.

Massages make me tense.

Sorry I can’t stay with you while you go through all of this.

I just want a man who will wear dresses and not argue with me.

Don’t send strange men to my apartment with power tools.

He is your first love, and I intend to be your last.

He’s trying to believe the world.

Multilingual poetics of unkown languages.

Violence is not my métier.

I imagine an amateur is no asset.

I look out the window and all I see are other roofs.

I’m trying to see the stoplight, but there is a building in the way.

Call me when it’s over.

If you cannot be honest with yourself, how can you get the truth out of anyone else?”

Subterranean Blue Poetry


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