Book Review for Words of My Heart:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VI Issue VI

Words of My Heart, soulspeak poetry from Generation Y

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Words of My Heart

Author: Blaque Diamond

Publisher: Diamond in the Rough Publications

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 187

"Sing us a song and we'll sing it back to you
We could sing our own but what would it be without you?"
- from My Heart by Paramore

Words of My Heart reads like confessional poetry in American girl rap poetry style, she paints pictures in emotions around the Black experience and celebrates her pure spirit in affirmations and romance. Blaque Diamond, her original name is Bianca Johnson, is a Generation Y writer who has been writing off and on for 15 years. She lives in North Carolina and has a day job working in logistics for a military shipping company. She has written six novels.

In the violence of the post-industrial Megalith transition society, this poetry reads like a flower in a hard roc world rising up through the pavement. Revealing hard spaces of love lost, unsuited love, the resilience of single mothers, dealing with a disability, rape, family violence, being Black, racism and conflicted family relationships, through everything her love light shines. She explores emotions through storytelling in poetry, celebrating God, nature, forgiveness, romance and positive affirmations for survival and dance.

The poetry is written in the style of rap poetry, with constant rhyme at the end of lines and also harkens to the confessional poetry tradition. The images are tried and true, they do not press against the edges of experience but rather dwell inside it. I believe this is her first book of poetry, if she continues to write poetry her gift will ripen. This poetry is cathartic an arts calling in the New World, inspirational, songs of resilience, giving Readers themes in the real world, something they can relate to in their own experience.

In the hard spaces of revolving lovers the poetry sits with you, aches, and This Writer knows that although a majority of people face these issues, they shouldn’t have to. The wisdom of the Holy Spirit Way has been lost in an overconstructed world. Each one of us has a Starcrossed Lover, at least one and there is a positive Sign from God to discern a happy longterm marriage. A checklist is at in the World Peace Newsletters, a Newsletter on discernment in marriage.


Is his love for me true?
Does he mean it when he says, “I love you”?
Is he playing games with my heart?
Just playing a role, doing his part.
Should I believe his eyes?
Do they tell me lies?
His words so sweet.
Dripping with desire, or is it deceit?
I want to believe in romance.
I want to give love another chance,
But at what cost?
Isn’t there so much I’ve already lost?
I don’t want to play the fool.
This game of love can be so cruel.
Can I trust that he won’t hurt me?
Will he love and cherish me the way I should be?
My heart wants to give love another try,
But will he break my heart and make me cry?
Everything that glitters isn’t gold.
If I should love him or not, I haven’t been sold.
Should I give him my loyalty and trust?
Will he just take it and bury it in the dust?
Or will he take it and hold it close to his chest?
His desire is to show me nothing but the best.
Is he strong enough to mend my broken heart?
Am I willing to experience a new start?
I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do.
Which way I should go, I don’t have a clue.
Will he do all that he swears?
Is he able to wipe away all of my tears?
How do you take a chance when you’ve been hurt before?
I don’t want my heart to hurt anymore.
He promises to be the man I need him to be,
But will he be able to do that successfully?
I’m questioning, questioning, and second-guessing.
Will his love be a curse or a magnificent blessing?

Experiential, confessional rap poetry, a girl’s troubles in a hard world; tissues, a package of chips and an orange soda on the weekend as you read, Words of My Heart by Blaque Diamond.

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