Book Review for The August Sleepwalker:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IV Issue II


by Bei Dao

The dense mist has painted each tree trunk white.
In the long loose hair in the stable
Wild bees whirl. Green flood water
Is just the dawn blocked off by the embankment.

On this morning
I forgot our ages.
The ice was cracking and on the water
Stones retained our fingerprints.

True, this is spring.
Pounding hearts disturb the clouds in water.
Spring has no nationality.
Clouds are citizens of the world.

Become friends again with mankind.
My song.

Let’s Go

by Bei Dao

Let’s go –
Fallen leaves blow into deep valleys
But the song has no home to return to.

Let’s go –
Moonlight on the ice
Has spilled beyond the river bed.

Let’s go –
Eyes gaze at the same patch of sky
Hearts strike the twilight drum.

Let’s go –
We have not lost our memories
We shall search for life’s pool.

Let’s go – The road, the road Is covered with a drift of scarlet poppies.

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Subterranean Blue Poetry

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