Book Review for Caught in the Myth:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VIII Issue I


Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Caught in the Myth

Author: Alison Stone

Publisher: NYQ Books

Date of Publication: 2019

Pages: 103

"If you get caught between the moon and New York city . . ."
- from Lost Between The Moon And New York City by Christopher Cross

Caught in the Myth by Alison Stone is the New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry in some exotic flavour of the moon from New York City that lives inside the fantasia of a museum, a delicate crime scene, a dilettante flower. Alison Stone is a Poet and has written Dangerous Enough (Presa Press, 2014), Logic (Dancing Girl Press, 2014), From the Fool to the World (Parallel Press, 2012), They Sing at Midnight (Many Mountains Moving Press, 2003) winning the Many Mountains Moving Poetry Award (2003) and the Madeline Sadin Award. She is widely published in journals, including The Paris Review.

As if the perfect soul rhythm of the priestess Poet, she who lives and writes amongst the ancients, of Roman emperors, of the Greeks, the gods and goddesses, someone with the calling of Poet. The day shine, perhaps past lives, events in the news, she who lives amongst the statues at the magic of the museum, the gods whispering in her ear. She assumes and writes in different voices, the voice of a mother, the voice of the wise child, the voice of someone in the street, the voice of an emperor, an emperor's wife, the voice of antiquities. A flight of the imagine, a weave of fantasia bordering on steampunk yet, more enticing like the call of a Medusa or a lost princess in the dark of the night by the sea. A post-modernist poetry offering with Beat influences, the celebration of classical elements, the Poet casts a magic spell.

from "Statue of Caracalla"

"One son dies
in his mother's arms. The other
watches soldiers fill their bags.
The first wife falls with a soft oh.

History needs a villain,

says the stone.

Rome is an animal
on its back.
Silver taken from her coins
mirrors the moon's veiled face . . ."

Caught in the Myth is also a truthtelling, the "natural" violence of the universe inverted and brought into the light becomes a celebration of the word. She writes about the reality of women in power conscripts written by men, the abrogated lives. "Rape on Campuses isn't always because People are Rapists" plays upon the tragic event of the Stanford university student, Brock Turner, raping a drunken unconscious woman behind a dumpster at a frat party. The lines interplay between the voice of the woman and the voice of the rapist, it is perfectly summed up by her voice in the last line,

"my work, my privacy, my energy, my time,
my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice

She was enjoying it.

I don't want my body anymore."

Despite the violence, the poetry rises in celebration of the gift of life after maelstrom. A great read, as good as sitting in the velvet seats of an old-fashioned darkened movie theater of a Summer evening, watching the classics. Caught in the Myth by Alison Stone.

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