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Book Review for Warmth N GreenZ:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume VI Issue IV

Warmth N' GreenZ: rap poetry

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Warmth N GreenZ

Author: Alexia Zakariya

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 134

"All good
In the hood tonight"
- from All Good In the Hood by Jamiroquai

Warmth N’ GreenZ is a promising new Rap inspired work from emerging Poet Alexia Zakariya. Alexia Zakariya (Poet, wife, mother) attended Lehigh Valley Charter Arts School, Bethlehem, PA. She is constantly creating, singing, writing, drawing; steeping in the arts soup of great writers and songwriters.

This poetry is magic, enigmatic, the Middle Eastern goddess as wife and mother. This poetry is influenced by rap music/poetry, is experiential and protest poetry, often in Black meme, the voice of the Poet is just forming as she is only 25 years old. This Writer experiences this Poet as a young Gwendolyn Brooks. The themes include protest poetry against war, racism, hard times and poverty and includes love of her husband, her son and God. The Poet harkens to the New American School with work that plays with syntax and uses symbols. The truncated thoughts are original with flashes of brilliance and often with ryhmes, rhyming couplets and rhyme at the end of lines, the hallmark of rap poetry. Within the work are some Haiku and longer pieces and a series of poems under 20 lines that gel exquisitely, they are like mainline rap, that bang in the dance and roll in liked tied packages.


No (One) Can Look Away
Not (One) Can Say
That it Ain’t What it is
It is (That Way)
(Alone), Your Home
No Other (Way) 2 Go
U Either (Take Heed)
4Bear to (Promise)
(Land) of Green
Truth will Survive
It is, It was, It will be


"I Need a Translator

I Need a Translator –
2 Describe my Inner Most –
2 Soothe my Inner Boat –
2 Cradle my Unwanted Strain –
I Need a Translator –
2 Explain my Sighs –
2 Rub my Face –
2 Tell me of a Brighter Day –
I Need a Translator –
2 Show me my True Self –
2 Hear my Calls for Help –
2 Show me the Way –
I Need a Translator –
I Guess He Came –"

A truthtelling, the rock and roll of relationship, home life, a young adult's experiences with society all rolled into poetry. Looking for more work from this Poet. Middle Eastern girl magic, enigmatic, girl power and magic, Warmth N GreenZ by Alexia Zakariya.

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