Subterranean Blue Poetry


Don Kingfisher Campbell


by Don Kingfisher Campbell

Hello was a warm hug
on the sidewalk, pointing
fingers deciding direction

We held hands three ways
as we noisily flip flopped
the quiet midnight blocks

We sat on a green park
bench, WeChat messaged
and phone played music

She shyly sang to her
saved karaoke songs,
fondled my thigh

I peeked at her cleavage,
she adjusted her revealing
clingy sexy sporty top

After an hour of this, time
to go back, so I picked up
a fallen feather to remember

We strolled quickly, passed
the baseball diamond
with its tossed beer can

We squeezed close
as we spotted two dudes
at a 7-11 bus stop

Some of the houses had
colorful plastic vehicles
their children must enjoy

We looked in each other's
eyes, laughed, then down at
a discarded cigarette box

The Garvey and Nicholson
fence protecting the empty
lot that was once burned stores

Had a bridal advertisement
spur a bit of glanced romance,
we hugged and hugged again

Got in my Cube to continue
messages, windows rolled,
heard an old man mutter outside

We smiled and parted in
our own languages, but no
kiss, only a second meeting

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2019