“and she feeds you tea and oranges . . . “

- from Suzanne by Leonard Cohen -

“blue sky, blue evening

sliver of winter moon

walking in the cold Montreal streets ..”

open to the night

of falling

the silence of loss


I pull you, the night closer

the broken fountain head

the rhyme broken

if the music does not sing anymore

I watch the galleria for signs of your beauty

the house of blue

we feast on small oranges from China

breathe the cold night air

the blue

around starlight and diamonds.

- from Tale Winds
by Rebecca Anne Banks
Subterranean Blue Poetry

- In Celebration of the National Poetry Month of Canada -

“Food and Poetry”

Louise Carson, Dee Hobsbawn-Smith, Rebecca Anne Banks

Poetry Reading

Place: The Atwater Market

Date: April 25th, 2015

Time: 2 p.m.

*Courtesy of Subterranean Blue Poetry and The League of Canadian Poets.

Subterranean Blue Poetry


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