Subterranean Blue Poetry

"for those subterranean blues"

Book Purchases

Purchasing 1 or 2 Paperback Books or EBooks: it is best to Purchase Rebecca Anne Banks' Books/EBooks or any of the Poets featured here from Amazon Stations. The Shipping Costs are minimal for hardcopy books and usually the cost of EBooks is less than a paperback.

Purchasing Paperback Books in Bulk (for a bookstore, the classroom or a school library): I will order the books as author copies so the books are discounted. Most of Rebecca Anne Banks' books can be ordered here for about $5 a copy plus shipping. An order of 50 books would be $250 plus shipping. Please email for a quote.

Purchasing an EBook for use in the classroom: I will send you a digital copy of one of my EBooks and you can file share the digital copy or photocopy for your students for $50 per school year when the book is featured in course curriculum. Permission granted to reproduce the book.

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