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Book Review for Previously Feared Darkness:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume II Issue III


by Robert Priest

I can count the universe on one finger

Don’t catch the sharp side

One vine climbs another

The sun is a thought too bright to look at

The sky is completely unedited

The sun is wireless

The only thing holding up the trellis is the morning glories

I have openings for tomorrow

A yellow one which is a flower

A blue one — the sky

And two with lashes

My eyes

Love is not the answer It is the question

It is the command


by Robert Priest

The sky was a blue throat with no scream And then came Lennon raw with rage

There were no tears on earth

And Lennon was the salt and the rain

He bittered the air with his lament And dared in the end utter hope

Then Lennon left

The songs blown from his chest

Beyond his soul

A split widening the sky

Where the world

Got bigger than the world

Could hold

Subterranean Blue Poetry


© 2012